#Celexa I have struggled with these problems for years, They eventually got worse and worse. I was scared to ever try to go to a doctor and get a crutch(Medication)! I was scared to talk about my problems to friends, family and the therapist I seen! Finally in September I decided with a little help to see a doctor, December 23th will make 4 months me being on my medicine(Celexa)! It has been life changing for me! I cried as I spoke to my doctor saying I’ve tried this or that,… I don’t want to need medication! He says sometimes we cant fix it external, it is a internal problem! I was diagnosed with a chemical imbalance, a serotonin issue! Finally I’m able to want to function like a normal person! I don’t have 6+ anxiety attacks a day, I no longer rip my hair out because the attack was so bad. I have not, not wanted to get out of bed because I seen no point, I’m happy again! I still have bad days but it’s over quickly! I will no longer be ashamed of my problems! I will face and beat my problems! #Celexa #Anxiety #Depression #MyPillJourney See MorePlay0:00UnmuteHDCaptionsMore SettingsAdditional Visual SettingsEnter Fullscreen”My Pill Journey”Posted by SOML8,869,256 Views8,869,256 ViewsSOML · December 7, 2015 · A Woman Explains Her Struggle With Mental Illness Using The Pills She Was Prescribed

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Terri Falzone-Obrecht

I used to often hate that I needed them to make me ‘normal’ to keep me ‘sane’

Jonas Elliott Alvarez

This made me feel literally every emotion

Lisa Santiago

You are not alone..❤️

Vince Pelletier

Taking Suboxone to get off of 2mg of Ativan ?

Amil Barakzai


Sarah Bridges

Sara Cowan I haven’t tried biofeedback but I’ve heard a little about it. I’m going to do some more research on that and hopefully I can try it when I get better insurance. I really appreciate you suggesting it, it means a lot. I hope you find relief as well.

Yaddi Orozco

Krystal Reyes. This is what I meant the other week

Chantell Garrett

This actually nearly made me tear up a little because I relate to this so well and get the pain and struggle. Very well done thank you Jordan Stroop ❤️

Amber Lutz

You betcha! I know what it’s like to have to be your on health advocate, and I think it’s great that you want to help others. Sharing is caring ?

Storm Kerr

No where in my post did I say “Ritalin causes schizophrenia”. What I did say, by implication, is that the drugs lead to a p

Abbey Aluisy

Michael Manley I want you to watch this when you get a moment.

Brittany Runde

Right I only get my medication from christian doctors, turns out they all give the same thing.

Kellie Jean

I have panic disorder, depression, anxiety, and soft bipolar. I see a cbt therapist and a psychiatrist. I’ve been on lexapro, latuda, ability, birth control, colonzapam, trazadone. Currently off lexapro and dealing with latuda which is scaring me becau…See More

Shalayna Ranae

I had my first anxiety attack a few weeks ago. My husband struggles with them, and I have never understood. I understand now, and I am so sorry you are dealing with them chronically. I felt completely out of control. Having two babies that is terrifying and traumatizing.

Brianna Montoya

Tianna Montoya the feeling I have most days

Brayden Troy Estrada

If you dont struggle with it and dont understand, then you have no place to talk. This video os meaningful and i give her a congratulations. Stay strong!

Deirdre MacDonald

I have

Tiffany Mack

You might find this interesting Carmen M. Burton

Rachel Lee

Weird she was prescribed suboxone for a benzo addiction. Never heard of that one before. Unless she left out that she picked up an opiate addiction along the way…

Ashlee Conder

Good video for you know who

Dan Pham

All you guys need to learn how to stop taking prescribed medications. Go smoke some weed. Pills are bad and dangerous. They’re full of chemicals and GMO stuff. Marijuana is organic and natural. That or go seek therapy. Do something better with your life instead of obtaining prescribed pills. Pills makes yous stupid.

Sherry Dorie

Rae-Anne Kane, this is so me . Thxs. for sending this. Love you baby girl.xoxoxo

Tyanna Nanny Martinez

This was my story till the bipolar disorder, i have it and that shit sucks because people make it a joke and it’s not funny… it’s a day to day and some days a hour to hour living hell…. taking medications keeps me here enough and that’s as good as it will be, never stop your medicine…. even if you feel “better”

Kalani Ann Odum

This sounds like Natasha Lyonee…

Morgan Collins

Andie Midwood this could be some insight for you 🙂

Rosa Benavidez

Ria Ria Gutierrez I thought you would wanna watch

Alex Woytowicz

Ml Windish thought you might find this interesting, I sure did

Gracie Crofts

Nina kraviz this weekend! See you derr ?

Angie Christman

Also, for depression, I think spirituality really helps. You don’t have to be a Christian, or pray to god, but it could be something as simple as meditation, looking for a purpose, or gratitude Journaling. Gratitude journals are really helpful, because…See More

Fay Goldstein

Nesha, this made me think of you.

Aidan Moland

Elizabeth I just cant believe all the people replying with the level of hate too marleys comment. What she said was a bit rude but it was just her perspective. She probobly didnt understand that medication affects people differently.

Juan Carlos Ochoa-Gonzalez

If you’re on the lower end of the financial spectrum I suggest you stay away from these people. It costs a lot of money and it will rob you of your self-determination to makes things better. These meds robbed me of my free will and they can do the same to you.

Janice Curle

Oh ok, good catch, that alarmed me! I still stand by the problems I see.. I’d like to see it replicated – if it’s replicable then it is good.

Flip Mulliner

Strength and courage…. Screw stigma… Thank u

Jennifer Roberts

Spoken by someone who has clearly never suffered from a true mental illness. Yes, I have side affects from my meds, and they suck, but I’d suffer from them over and over and over again for the beautiful luxury of continuing, peaceful moments with my ki…See More

Janet Peters

The best thing I listen to in a while

Susan Osborne King

This is incredible. It mirrors my journey and I am sure thousands of others. Thank you

Kyle Tressler

Smoke a blunt. All you need is a little fuck it in your life. Make the switch to weed today. Your life will be so much better

Wendy Gutierrez

I say this with respect…. But Smoke a blunt

Samantha Hall

I love her tho she’s so cute

Ria LeRad

This woman’s story is so beautiful to me. I’m so thankful she shared her story.

Sassica Lynn

I’ve read the study. There were statistically significant differences in the ADHD and control group, which does not support your claim that they affect both groups the same. The fact that the control group preferred the placebo about as much as the dru…See More

Morgan Labrecque

Paul Matichuk I wanted to only share this with you :p

Brianna Marchitto

What worries me the most about taking medication with a mental Illness is all the side effects, and then how sometime people get an addiction to pills and also I’ve seen what prescription medication does to a mentally ill brain over time and the after math is disgusting and I feel so terrible for people who struggle with bipolar disorder and who take lithium to help with it

Hassan Cheaytilli Ricciardiello

Endorsing doping and dependance of pharmaceuticals to fix a mental illness?

Courtney McCullough

Georgina Baxter it’s actually so good I think

Shasta Nicole

I love this post. It’s true. I just wrote about Big Pharma on another post today. I was switched from so many meds, and my journey with them started in 2011. I was diagnosed with PTSD as well. Even though I still have it, it was months ago that I decid…See More

Daisy Corona

This was my life this whole year and I’m proud to say I’m on three different pills ps I haven’t token them in about two weeks 1st week I felt horrible I must say I feel great we don’t need medication are mind is so powerful that if we say I don’t need it you really don’t 🙂

Matthew Kuhar

Ingrid Marcella. It’s like she wrote a book on you.

Katy Doench

If you had cancer they wouldn’t accuse you of being addicted to chemo, so why do they do it to chronic pain sufferers?

Juliette Andersen

ETA: You know what else is a chemical? Water. Sucrose. Vitamin B. Everything is a chemical.

Kayla Warwick

Watching this, i thought of everything that happened to me over the summer and all of my depression issues ive had in the past and anxiety disorder… then i started to cry… ?

Bailey Cox

This wrecked me

Patti McGreal Renspurger

Sent you a message Courtney Olson

Dani Anderson

Emily Dermer I about cried so cool

Alexandria Elizabeth McDaniel

I took tradazone to help me sleep the rest I have never heard off

Franchesca Conyers

She had the best drugs… The Lithium & Seroquel I’m on now are doing absolutely NOTHING to help me.

Julia Christina

It’s a difficult and lonely journey. For a while, you start to actually feel happy. And then life happens and messes everything up again and you feel even more alone and empty than you did before. It’s scary to think of going back to not wanting to wak…See More

Nithya Jothiprakash

Aravind Pradhyumnan do u think it would b a good idea if I send her a Konami motivational vedios like this

Dominique Fennell

I began struggling with anxiety last summer and after my first panic attack, my doctor’s first instinct was to put me on antidepressants. I refused and now, thankfully, for the most part I have my anxiety under control without having taken medication. …See More

Natasha Christensen

My dad spent half his life a slave to his medicine and “illness” it was sad to see him that way.

Kristina Duncan

Actually why i take all natural supplements than anything from a doctor! It all gave me bad side effects until i just gave up and dealt with it! Now that i take natural products i feel better with my overall health and nomore anxiety attacks or depression!

Carlie Granquist Olsen

Cara Pedri, everyday I hear these pills named off!

Julie Allbor

I take Clonidine for my sleep and Fluoxetine for my depression. I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, and anxiety at the age of 13, in the middle of the summer. I just turned 15 about 2 months ago. I ended up going to therapy once I was diagnosed. I l…See More

Jessica Marchi

I can hold myself accountable for the strength of trying. Jaemie Dela Pena

Krista Lynn McFarland

I struggle with these issues…some days are worse than the others…I know when I things happen I react extreme…but I constatly tell myself not to rely on some pill…that I can figure it out. I give myself some time to myself, I have learned patien…See More

Billie Lee Mitchell

Uhm your from texas bruh , what pleasure do you get replying to a comment for a friend ❤️

Rob Winthrop

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a kid and given pills after pills to resolve my problem. Nothing worked. When I turned 18 I took myself off these medications and suddenly, everything went the way it should. For myself, I know I will never take medications because they don’t work for me. That being said, I think they can work for other people if used correctly.

Meg Mcdevitt

love you ?

Bobbi Jo Claridy

I know I can relate, I’m sure you can too.

Shannon Ob

Funny how many folks are addicted to uppers. They must have an upper in the morning. And if it doesn’t work, they need another upper.

Delainey Doherty

If I didn’t take my meds id become suicidal, depressed, homocidal, aggressive, and anxiety ridden with in a matter of days. I’ve tried to do a nondrig diet and then I attempted even with months of being on that diet. My chemical imbalance is dangerous if you ask me. I’d prefer to be sane for the moment.

Janet Starr Murphy

Find a loving church. If you don’t feel comfortable in one, try another. Don’t get hung up on “it’s not my religion.” Look for genuine people who love Jesus Christ. Those are the ones who will be His hands and feet to the hurting and needy. Get a Bible…See More

Sarah Grace Wolfrom

Disgusting. Nothing will ever be solved until we realize that these pills cure nothing, and open up discussion about how they’re MURDERING PEOPLE with this pharma poison. So long as we keep prescribing people dangerous drugs that only harm and NEVER …See More

Maria Conlon

So tell me, then, what do you suggest? Because since I was 6 years old I have hated myself, my body, and my personality. By the time I was 13 I was planning every detail of my suicide and by 14 I had already tried forcing 60 prescription sleeping meds …See More

Karen Tax

I’m just going to say, just because it doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it won’t work for others. Don’t you dare fucking say it’s poison. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but don’t give it a bad name. And absolutely DON’T put quotation marks around…See More

Carly Coccaro

This is so important. Currently on Zoloft and the side effects are the worst. It was helping for a while and then things went downhill again. Thinking of switching to something else but I like how I am on SSRIs…much less irritable and anxious.

Kat Boorady

I have been sad for my whole entire life. At the age of 10 telling my parents I want to die and not even fully understanding what death really was. I just knew it mea

Jenny WixsonCordell

Those videos stories are beautiful and precious such a lonely place

Stevie D Cyr

Lydia Hughes. Why my thoughts on shit are diterred

Delaney Thunell

I honestly love this

Vironika Kehler Smith

Colleen do you guys need more counter space and time so patients can do this?

Katie Evans

I was diagnosed with Sever Major Depression in 1993. Since then I’ve been on more than 22 iterations of medicine.

Marcus Young

Lol I take the big blue and shut one

Basically Marii

Galliguer Bautista just see it fr.. This is exactly what I go threw most of the time

Perry Monschau

The problem is everyone’s being overwhelmed by work. We can manage, but we can’t do a good job.

Marquis Warren

this video’s time is the answer.

Tatiana Marie Baker

I take lamictal for my epilepsy.

Holly Miller


Victoria Vargas

All i can say is wow, i thought i was the only one going through this struggle!!!:(

Mya Ingram

Reminds me how it’s not always easy. Love you mom. Mindy Ruiz

Jose Coronado

Damn, i would be happy with a xanax prescription by itself.

Shalyn Jooste

Nikki Jooste Natleigh Lichtenstein it’s not what happens, it’s how you deal with it.

Trish Turo Bumgardner

Sometimes drugs do help. Just make sure you have a very loyal and trusting Dr. Therapy is also needed not just polls.

Grace Murray

Better mental health care!!

Maddison Payne

Same babe ?

Oksana Fleck

Brittany Blair Turner this is exactly how I’m feeling

Jayd Serdy

You know, when you’re seeing doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, etc. for these illnesses the first thing they work on is coping skills, and then a plan of action with medications. I was on three different meds for depression, nothing he…See More

Amanda Lee Katona

Viktoria Cameron figured you would appreciate this 🙂

Bradley P Blake

It takes a lot more tries than just two different pills to find what works for you. That’s why there’s so many of them. I’m not trying to push you toward drugs. I’m just letting you know.

Shannon Taylor McKenty

Jennifer Carrick thought you might like this

Leah Belle Elkins

With mental illness in my family bloodline this certainly helps to explain to friends and others what their road is like. Be kind and non judgmental.

Greg Owens

Definitely! Love the way it normalizes the use of medication for folks, and speaks to differences in journies for treatment. Would love to tie this in to a dialogue on the use of medication in treatment and how the reasons folks have for medicating or not are all valid and important narratives!

Jessica Vzopuew

Try some breathing techniques. I used to get them all the time and still do at times. But I soon started looking for different breathing techniques and they have helped me.

Rian Nicole Black

Why would you post this under the video? I sent it to you in messaged for a reason.

Shanda Edstrom

This is literally my life been there, done that, this is what I struggle with everyday. Anna check this out!

Ellen Mary

Beautiful alot like my journey I am so blessed to have 12 step recovery and my family.

Ediya Daulet

Fuck this made me feel worse lol ughhhh and I hate how doctors always push for meds

Charlotte Mack

Jennifer Stebbins-Han I almost thought this was Stacy Pershall’s story. Eerily similar!!! Wow.

Norma Jean Andrade

Thank you <3

Skylar Marie Miskimen

All of these comments from people telling others what to do to “fix” themselves like they are doctors. Please see a qualified medical professional if you feel like something is wrong. Any professional will cover all bases including physical well-being …See More

Anitza Kusanagi

It really is, my hallucinations became worse while on it. And I heard it can cause seizures to happen. It’s a horrible drug.

Michael Manley

I will at lunch

Carley Guerin

Schizophrenic here! Anxiety too. I couldn’t finish the video because I couldn’t understand her since she spoke so fast.

Ruth Elena Mendez

The answer are spirituality, family and friends support, exercise

Brandy Kocincki

If her doctor gave her suboxone for depression the that doctor need his license pulled! Suboxone is for people who are addicted to opiates!

Isabela Quilici

Amanda Saldana idk who she is but i love how she speaks about her story

Brian A. Delcid

Most of the time vitamins can replace prescription pills, but don’t take it from me, watch “food matters” on Netflix. Vitamins, good nutrition, exercise and meditation… 1?

Brittany Vee

If you ever want to talk, you can pm me. I know I’m just a random stranger, but I’ll listen. My work I involves helping people grieve, so I’ve talked to many people who have lost loved ones to suicide.

Amanda Lee Berrios

Heather Leone you and your Co workers and clients. Show them this

Rebeca Bara

Julia ah wij zijn dus 2 van de velen, maar het komt altijd goed 🙂

Amy Ariff

For those with mental illnesses, how do we; your friends/family/relatives/community help you? What shouldn’t we do?

Chi Magee


Cassi De-Ann

Miss you ❤️

Jo Luu

Amazing. Infinitely proud of this video that shines a light on stigma and how people deal with mental illness

Cassie Klausner

I’m sorry but I don’t want to read your book. I’m not on meds and sometimes life is just stressful and it is hard to put your thoughts to rest. I have had my fair share of life struggles, who hasn’t? And I use to smoke a fuck ton of pot…. It didn’t solve anything. I’m sorry but your rediculous.

McKenna Ryan

Everyone is different. You can’t say this about all meds because of your one experience.

Sabina Masnica

Travis Norris ” when something depressing happens to a depressed person..”

Mary Morse

Rachel Morse have you seen this ?

Jennifer Stebbins-Han


Shannon Ob

Lubo Schusterovi Don’t you know, folks like to numb themselves out of living life so much, because actually having feelings is too scary for them.

Abby Barron

Food for thought Scott Ward

Sarah Elizabeth

wow I thought I was the only one! I never feel crashes on the adderrall just so foggy and unreal. I forgot even the most basic things now too but yet it has helped my depression so I am so torn. I will ask about Ritalin but I had a bit of trouble having them cover adderrall.

Juliet Coe

Thanks bee xxx

Nick Cappelletty

Wow…you told my story!

JoAnn Hofmann

I agree. I just had to learn the hard way.

Shanda Kat Clarisa

I have anxiety it hit me so hard when she said the unpredictability caused her anxiety cause thats exactly my life, one day i was having a okay day then i got a flat and had a panic attack and just little stuff trigger it, like being overly hot etc. i …See More

Sierra Knepp

Wow thanks Facebook wait until now to make this ?

Jennifer Valle

humans just need to suck it up bc life happens! It’s all bull! Your body and mind have to learn how to fight! Seems like now a days there is a pill for everything in order to function through out the day! It’s simply stupid. This video makes me so mad….See More

Alissa Sanford

Lamictal 300mg has helped my bipolar so much, and hydroxyzine 10mg & 25mg has helped with my anxiety and they help me sleep. Dont give up. It’s trial and error and can take awhile. Took me about 6 years to find the right balance, but I finally found so…See More

Randi McMahan

Michaela I found this helpful maybe you will too. I really think you should watch this and just remember it’s about trying sis. You’ve just gotta try. I love you and will delete this comment as soon as you watch it ?

Dori Hawkins Black

I love you Rian Nicole Black. We will not stop until you get the treatment you need. I love you. It may take a little while, but I will not give up, ever.

Stephanie Louise

Yes!! And remember that you will have bad days but also good ones too. And just look after yourself xxx

Jennifer Pulido

Victor Mata my mom doesn’t want me taking that many pills

Kali D'Amelio


Marina Hernandez

This is why weed should be legal ?

Morgan Slade

Im not okay

Whitley Amber Wilson

Which oils do you use for anxiety and depression? If you don’t mind me asking

Autumn Pacheco

Try to stay strong doll!!

Quin Hilgar Muscarella

Aw I love you thank you

Tori Hardin

This should have been a commercial AGAINST psychiatric medication. But they just added a different ending after spending minutes getting inside of your soul with her downhill roller coaster ride with depression and the pills that never truly help. The …See More

Rebecca Zoretic Sward

I’m so saddened to see the negative, accusatory, dismissive and downright nasty comments. I happened upon this video and page by complete chance today and this video resonated with me so much I had tears in my eyes. As a lifelong sufferer of anxiety an…See More

Paige Phaneuf

Why do you say “mental illness” as though it doesn’t exist. Everyone has a different story and a different path and it’s not your place to tell others that they need coping skills and not help with a chemical balance through medication. Hopefully everyone finds what works for them. I really dislike this comment.

Chris Mannix

I am one of those people and always ask ‘why me’

Robin Danielle Mauney

Katy Doench, that’s like comparing apples with oranges. Although I do think addicts prevent people from getting the medication they need, chemotherapy and prescription pain medication are 2 totally different things. For one, chemotherapy is administere…See More

Skylar Dean

No, don’t even you said if it worked then they didn’t have true depression/anxiety. Me and Josh both qouted you exactly, he just went more in depth. The fact that you could even think saying that is okay is sickening.

Raeann Marie

You’re welcome 🙂

Tina Pou

Jacob Pou I’m so thankful you replaced all the pills with natural remedies. So proud of you babe.

Denise Fink Wadlington

I can so relate. It is a terrible thing.

Trevor Bolger

I need wifi in this damn car lol

Karli Fitzgerald

While I agree that meds are not always the answer, your comment is completely and utterly out of line. Your girlfriends experience is different than a lot of people’s. Don’t you ever tell someone to get off their meds. Who do you think you are? If in THEIR experience they’re doing well, then why shouldn’t they take them!? Are you a psychiatrist? No? Didn’t think so.

Angélica Rodz

Oh wow !! El mundo Es chiquito jiji ! Saludos Desde Santa Isabel ??

Michael Patrick Heltcel

thats a 5mg valium…just sayin

Breton Fraser

Life is a journey, and you’re just starting yours. You may have to try different medications, and different therapy, and you’ll have good and bad and worse days. But eventually you’ll find what works for you, and you’ll understand yourself and your fee…See More

Will Lacour

Caitlin Saliba cool video sooo many ppl have this story it’s sad.,

Lise Watson

Wow thanks made me cry a good feeling I am not alone and am learning in my new group alliance to talk about it

Alison Leddy

Laura LeBrun this is a really good video, also originally from buzzfeed!

Jean Edwards

Amazing so true to real life xxx

Hillary Vandenberg

Seven psychiatrists in seven years could be a reason why she’s had such a problem with consistency. You have to give medical professionals a chance.

Melvinder Kaur

Manrajpal Singh Bajwa now u know why I have loads of pills with me ?

Andy Castro Montoya

Marijuana is the answer.

Jordan Askew

It’s sad really

Lisabet Ramsey

This is my life. I don’t even know how many pills I’ve been on or what all their names are. Now I’m pull free for about a year and a half and I’m more happy then being on the stupid things.

Sarah Chouinard

This was raw and beautiful .

Grant Yonkers Reid

This is a great little story. Abbie May

Hannah Wilson

Anissa Fritz I know you don’t watch these when I tag you in them but I promise you will want to watch this one

Lyam Tilbury

I didn’t need this video to understand, but I do more so now!xxx

Je Ne Fais

In the shrinks head: Money. Big pharma. Lacking education.

Danielle C. Ellis

Ty. It is a really good resource.

Bradley P Blake

You’re mother has no right at all to be stopping and starting your medication without a doctor’s supervision. These meds are supposed to be taken exactly as prescribed and not doing that or changing it can make your issues severely worse.

Hunter Lear

I had depression for atleast 2 summers. Od thing was it went away when i went back to school. Then summer came and i was depressed again. The only thing that helped me was god. I prayed and prayed and i also talked to friends about it and know its gone…See More

Maggie Gomez

This video is great unless you have OCD Bc those pill pictures were so off balance ?

Madison Reesor

Melad Avery this says what I struggle to explain lol

Anita Bousfield Harris

Blimey I thought I took a lot of pills.

Kay-lynn Saunders

Melissa Viggers you should watch this <3

Randa Geelen

I was on lots of medication, and was able to stop taking some. But I will be on my low dose ssri and anti psychotic for the rest of my life.

Sarah Roberts

Owen Millman watch this… it may help you understand me more, because I’m terrible at telling you things

Mary Smith

Has anyone who does not believe in psyco-tropic meds, everr been around a schizophrenic, schizo-affective disordered, or bi-polar with phychotic features, etc. Without meds they are in so much pain from audio or visual hallucinations and are not easily controlled within the community.

Priscila Espinosa

I love you too <3

Dana Dobbs

This is exactly it! I walked around like a robot. I don’t remember the name of the medication I was on. Started with a P. I weaned myself off and never looked back.

Derrick Wade Odom

I think Jerry Hengeveld kind of missed the point. With some kind of weird, patriarchal babble about a subject he’s clearly uninformed about.

Paige Meehan

I’m crying because it’s been over 9 years for me and no one knows what’s wrong with me everyone keeps bring up borderline personality disorder but one will actually help me 🙁 I take a antidepressant that helps with my anxiety and depression but it doe…See More

Caroline Walker

Mental health is growing so fast in our world so many people are suffering with depression and anxiety. Well now to get on a spiritual side of this the Lord tells us to renew our minds on the things of him so the enemy can not have a hold of it. So man…See More

Olivia Alexandra Landrus

So relieved that other people have gone through this process . Unfortunately mine is just beginning ?

Susan Riss Pellish

PLEASE SHARE: There is a DNA cheek swab available since 2003 that will eliminate prescribing the “wrong” medication. Years of suffering can be eliminated.

Casey Lynn Thomas

Brett Baronner watch this, it has a lot of power behind it.

Alyssa Ogden

It takes time, but you will be able to control yourself especially if you recognize this feeling. It can be a very difficult learned form of self discipline but you can reach it! Your body is always yours and it’s the only one you have. Never let anyon…See More

Cheyne Daniels

Bobby Amberg please watch this… this explains is so perfectly I’m actually crying

Evelin Gaspar

Did you ever just try smoking a joint? I’m not trying to be a dick because pot saved my life and I will never take perception medication for this exact reason. Perception drugs are to scary they can ruin lives and to be honest most doctors don’t give a shit and will just give you anything to stop talking. And everyone has good days bad days and really bad days it’s called life.

Chuck Ruby

I am the Executive Director of the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry. We are a group of mental health professionals, educators, physicians, and psychiatric survivors who are dedicated to the ethics of the mental health industr…See More

Home – ISEPP

The International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry, Inc. (ISEPP) is a 501(3)(c) non-profit volunteer organization of mental health professionals, physicians, educators,…


Val Doty

Becca Lynn I think you will appreciate this ❤️

Brittany Writt

And another … And another … I wish I didn’t start laughing halfway through but I had to when it became so familiar. So sad and cliche that I had to laugh because it was that good. And I can honestly say, her skills outweigh my pill snapchats Heather Alderman Meadows

Michaela Lefler

Michelle Callis just watch this. It made me cry

Natalie Bertsch

this was amazing to watch

Katy Doench

Katherine Rose Bennett my boyfriend had the same thing said to him, he’s suffered since he was fourteen. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him and suggested it was all in his head.

Bailey Juvinall

Ronda Herman Heggenes this made me cry. So many things she said I could relate to.

Kyle Massey

This is an absolutely incredible story. I don’t share much on my Facebook page but this is shared.

Sassica Lynn

Abstract:There has been controversy over the abuse potential of methylphenidate (MPH) in the context of treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD ). The objective of this study was to compare the reinforcing and subjective effects o…See More

Julie Hoang


Jacqueline Oveja Pereira

She’s bipolar, she needs meds for live

Sujin Choi

I took depression medicine for short time. It did not work so I had to do something to get over it. I’m getting better now but sometimes that’s sad when people don’t understand me 🙁

Sheila Rivera

John, you are doing more harm than you know. I’m sorry your girlfriend didn’t get better but the meds help many, many people. I am one of them. You are not a qualified mental health professional, you should not be giving any type of medical advice.

Char Wilcox

This is such a great point of fact video. Thank you so much for sharing the story.

Autumn Miller

As I’m reading through the comment section, I feel really relieved that there are people who deal with the same issues/ are somewhat open to talking about this stuff. I never feel that I can EVER bring it up to anybody without being “judged” , if you will.

Christina Kaiser

Piss off, John. One person doesn’t mean that mental illness isn’t real. Also, my medications help me more than you’d ever know. You’re not welcome on this video. Literally the point of mental health awareness is to spread awareness and get people to speak out, not to get your ableist crap on here and to completely shut down our voices.

Storm Kerr

Kirstie Drumm, schizophrenia is the end result of the pill path. Once you are diagnosed as bipolar you are walking a fine line. 70% of all bipolar patients who experience disphoric mania also experience schizophrenia. Once diagnosed as schizophrenic yo…See More

Molly Katherine

I’m a recovering opiate addict with 2 and a half years clean, who also suffers from anxiety, along with depression, PTSD, and OCD. I take two of the medications she mentions, and it literally saved my life. I wouldn’t be here today without modern medicine! Forget the naysayers and listen to the professionals. They usually know what’s best for you, and what will help you.

Nick Pinansky

uhhhh either some lies or REALLY incompetent doctors here. You don’t take suboxone to deal with ATIVAN addiction. Suboxone is for opiate junkies, it wont do anything for benzo addiction which you have to wean off slowly. my guess is she was into a little more than ativan

Kaila Flanagan

This is why i never want to rely on medication.

Timm Ridgway

Here’s the thing.. the girl in this video said everyone is different. Are we forgetting that? Yes, meds are not good for everyone, but for a lot of us, they put us exactly where we need to be. And to say that the pills create the mental illness makes n…See More

Erin Kornfeind

Trazodone knocks me out. So helpful.

Joey Bell

Fortunately I have a good doctor. His philosophy? To get me as little drugs as possible. Only on 3 now

Billy Lockhart

Anne Marie thinking of you ?

Joel Cuneio

This is why I stick to the natural stuff ?

Alex Wootton

Luke Quentel theres one bit relevant to you haha see if you can find it

Angel Banuelos

Timia Henry interesting little video. let me know your opinion

Storm Kerr

Connect with nature. Every day walk along a river bank, on a forest trail, or beach. An hour appreciating nature away from the artifice of man can renew the human spirit. Stand in sunshine. Breath clean air. Dip your toes in water. It is all the medication you need. Sounds hippy-dippy? Well it works.

Sarah Louise Blackburn

I relate entirely to what she is saying in the video. The comments made me cry. I wish people didn’t think so negatively about those suffering from mental illnesses.

Shania Roopnarine

Happy pills <3

Mary Armitage

Klonopin should be taken off the market. It makes sick people sicker. Don’t let your love ones use it.

Alexander Bazzi

For real made up diseases af. Never met anyone in Venezuela with adhd

Alana Rodriguez

In the middle of the video I thought they were going to change it toward not taking any kind of medication to help your self. And then it said that it’s a long journey to actually find the correct medication, I’m a bit skeptical on that kind of idea th…See More

Anai Knowles

Zane Catlin this is why I don’t want to get medication ?

Eterniti Carranza

Jaime. Now you see why I don’t wanna take pills.

Sonny Nguyen

My anxiety isn’t the same as when you’re anxious. I don’t just

Kay Smith

Very clever , best of luck to everyone going through this agony ️xx?

Ricky Sariol

Why would she need suboxone for getting off of benzos?

Carole Roy

Thankyou for sharing that Eric!

Samantha Dawn Peterson

the medication that has helped me the most with my depression and anxiety has been cannabis.

Tammy Beal

Wow molls! Did u read 3rd response from Miri bridges?

Sarah Bridges

I’ve had tramadol… I’m on major narcotics, it won’t be enough. ?

Paige Meehan

Thank you so much 🙂

Krissiann Denning

Morgan Billingsley I cried. Like, a lot. But I really want you to watch this

Gary Skriba

This is a very scary drug commercial! This is a commercial isn’t it? There is no scientific evidence to the chemical imbalance theory, but plenty of good advertising to validate it. No stigma, towards mental illness, but damn! What a pro pharma ad!

Isaiah Southard

Smoke weed

Nicole Jones

You ma child, girl pleaseeeee. I am not tired. I should be. Two benadryls later buuuuut i wanna watch funny videos on the internet

Abbeh Cain

Kelli Conway this is so amazing

Sassica Lynn

What, in your

Rebecca Zoretic Sward

Though my husband and I want more children, I am terrified of getting pregnant right now because I depend on certain medications to control my anxiety and

Mica-Sian Cropp

Alexandria Hope Lowe….i just sobbed in the bath at this

Jocelyn Hendren Pedersen

How would this woman be today of she had begun therapy first and never taken a psychiatric medication? I guess we’ll never know. And now that psychiatry is saying that the chemical imbalance model is an “urban legend” that they never officially promoted I have to ask: what chemicals in her brain were being “balanced” by these drugs?

Amanda A. Thomas

She didnt take the suboxone for addiction to ativan so she must have forgot the part that she used opiates. Suboxone is for opiate addictions. Although this was very good and had my attention, it wasnt 100% right.

Sydney Cheryl

Liane MaLossi You should share this with your coworkers

Janice Curle

In my opinion this matters, as the only chemical imbalance you get is from the actual medication. That’s not really a test for your own problems, but a BS explanation why the chemical imbalance theory even exists when the head of psychiatry said it wasn’t real 10-15 years ago. As well as any doctor or pharmacist that actually looked into it.

Jessica Bessey

We don’t believe we’re “better people” after taking medication, you flaming airhead. We take them because we need to in order to function and feel normal. It has nothing to do with self image problems, because those stem from ore existing mental proble…See More

Celina Griffin Voisin

I honestly don’t recall the dosage. I convinced myself that my daughter’s sensory problems was my fault from the medication. So I didn’t take anything for my son & I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown with many panic attacks. My son had a develop…See More

Angela Elizabeth Jones

It’s Drew Barrymore.

Abby Pyland

Thought you would find this interesting Emily Bruner

Casey Jones

I quit taking all meds, something I was advised not to. Couldn’t take the unnatural changes happening in my brain. Decided to get into art to turn my thoughts into something constructive and I’ve never felt better. It takes time and patience but you can get by without psych meds. Those are poison.

Samantha Gittins

To the person telling their story, Thank you! ❤️

Kate Hale

Mental health IS a chemical imbalance in your brain. Are we saying doctors always get it right? No. But by comments like this you’re demeaning the use of proper mental health care.

Rebekah Roche

Liam Hubbock I watched this a while ago and saved it, I want you to watch it

Carolyn Hoyt

Cognitive behavior therapy works

Natalie Eve Wong

Ediya watch this

Megan Jay

Good for you.

Ashley Perez

Trill Gates watch this, listen to it…I love you

Jenna Doud

Nicholas Tizzano my life with meds I get prescribed

Theresa Tucker-Bozwell

I have been struggling with this same problem for 16 years. The state I live in would rather sedate me, then help me. Now they have cut funding to the Mental HeAlth here. It feels like I am fighting a losing battle.

JoAnn Hofmann

I’m so happy for you for realizing that your medicine works for you and for having the courage to do it even though the side effects are probably not pleasant.

Khaterine Moon

No. I’m not happy yet.

Tom Thissen Jr.

I like this but it’s said that she concluded with I still needing drugs. I was diagnosed all kinds of crap and prescribed meds. Never took them and I’m fine. I grew up and faced my problems in a constructive manner. Never let someone make you believe t…See More

Katie Mancini

Joe Cini so proud of you. and how you’re getting better everyday. I love you so much

Victoria Bowman

Carrie Bowman hits very close to home hey?

Kenia Roa

Go to sleep, child haha

Nathen Hodson

This makes me fucking sick, stop handing out your pharmaceuticals like fucking candy just to profit off of sick people. Not one pill mentioned in this video has had a study done on long term use effects. This means there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO evidence to …See More

Sarah Elizabeth

I almost have an identical story as hers. It is so difficult.

Ryan Maxey

Length of Video: 4:20. Replacement for most of those drugs: 4:20. Irony? or something?

Dan Mair

This video helped me alot. Showed me the weak inside. I will never depend on med or self medicating with drugs. Stop being a pussy. There is a right way in a wrong way. We choose how difficult it will be. Grow up. This world is Babylon. And the strong will destroy it.

Leslie De la Cruz

i hate getting panic attacks feels like im dying and i cant breath then comes my seizure and i have no control of my body an my heart feels like its out of my chest wish there was a way to control it instead of all the medicine prescribed

McKenna Ryan

It’s amazing how some of you guys are taking your very limited life experiences with mental illness and judging everyone’s situations, saying that no one should ever take pills and that it’s all a hoax because you’ve seen them not work for ONE person. Everyone is different.

Stephen Bailey

WHY US ? Did we seem unintelligent & Not ask questions ? Do we have “Destroy us” written all over our faces ? Why do we let Professionals lie to us ? Why are we weak ? Why does human nature let this happen ? Why can’t we claim compensation & WIN ? (…See More

Kaitlyn O'Brien

Thank you for making this video. This was exactly what I needed to hear and it did give me hope!

Angela Bates

The struggle IS real…and a balance of the RIGHT medications after a correct diagnosis, therapy, a constant flow of therapy, a good support network, taking care of yourself mentally and physically, the best you can! Dont be hard on yourself, treat y…See More

Kendyl Hudson

Without meds, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m so thankful for having a psychiatrist willing to work with me and my illnesses.

Sarah Rowan

I tag you in these because I just want you to understand what I’m going through.

Susie Anderson

thank you. it’s easy to do the whole what if I did something different. but it’s hard to know there was nothing in reality I could have done.

Hope Koenning

If i wouldnt have gotten on my ocd, depression medication when i did i would not still be here. It saved my life. Side effects from the meds are worth still living.

Stevie D Cyr

I feel like it’s within us most of all over everything

Sassica Lynn

Do you have a source for that claim?

Ryley Macd


Stephy Love

Some drugs block, some promote. Take an slightly advanced biology class and it will explain the hormones and what chemicals cause what disorders.

Jae Mock

Not to dismiss any of the events or experiences that many of you have had, because it saddens me to know that others are hurting in one way or another. The worst thing is knowing I’ve been there but never took Anton the prescription drugs. Without tryi…See More

Marissa Roloff

Because the prescription drugs create an artificial neurotransmitter to help. It’s like you know nothing good god

Nicole Grabowski

I second smoking weed. And being accountable for your actions always

Kai Passin

TMJ is actually the reason why I got my wisdom teeth removed – they thought it wo

Sarah Grace Wolfrom

Excuse me…. I one hundred percent DO understand… I was diagnosed w “bipolar disorder” in 1996, spent 13 years on Depakote, then was nearly killed with Klonopin in 2008. I was also given NUMEROUS other drugs to try during those 13 years, none of wh…See More

Orlagh Didcott

Alice Bray strength darling, stay strong

Katie Elacqua

When I was young (about 7) I was diagnosed with adhd. I was on Adderall, Redlen, you name it. They would work for a year o

Roy Agmata

I decline to take pills and I rarely see my psychiatrist because I know I try my best to deal with it daily basis. I have great friends Karina Ryan Eusebio & others I have met along the way that encourage me to be me. The women is absolutely right “The…See More

Tracey Howells

My psychiatrist is useless ! I asked for a different one ! But they give me the same one again !!!

Ellen LS

Pretty much my story that started in 2004. Except the addiction to pills, which I am so thankful to have dodged. My addiction of choice is food, but after many years of CBT, support, growing, learning. I am not very well and have accepted I will most likely cope with depression for the rest of my life. And I am ok with that.

Julia Brane'e Draper

Trent Baker… This just made me cry, I hope you never feel blame or anger or unloved becuase my brain works against me … Thank you for being my HERO I love you

Madison Marie Morris

Lisa, i thought this was so inspiring.

Erin Kelly

I’m in the exact same boat. Watching this made me feel some how very calm

Cayla Hammy

The only thing that helps is illegal

Shannon Ob

Or you cold turkey ALL of the drugs, and get into some talk therapy. Figure out your triggers, learn some coping mechanisms, and start changing your life. It requires work, and no magical blue pull.

Ashley Bruno

Stacey Barna Bruno you’re so much more than your illness mom! Love you! It gets better

Alisa Nicole McFadden

Seth Lindsay watch this please my love

Daiane Benin

Olha que lindo Luana Pagliarini Trevisol. Tem umas partes que ela fala muito rápido, mas a maior parte da pra entender. Proud of you for trying so hard, my friend! ?

Billy Eddy

Stop reading/watching depressing things please.

Lydie Meghan

Julie Laudon agreed.

Joyce Jenkins

My opinion!

Jeremy Ha

All people are different. But hey! That 4k bill that a experienced license doctor made a mistake, “sorry! But pay me anyway! 😀

Amanda Figueroa

No matter how many times I watch this video i cry because it’s everything I ever felt about being on medication. I’ve been on almost everything and I’ve been diagnosed and rediagnosed what feels like a hundred times. It’s good to see that I’m not alone on my journey.

Taylor Helms

Kelly, I love you more than you know. You are not defined by the stigma, by the medication, or by anything. You will get through this and I’ll be by your side. You are worth it. I love you- and I just want you to know that. You have such great strength, and you’re worth every bit of the try. I love you. ?

Emily Joy

May I pm you?

Julia McGirr

Then you got the wrong message. Figuring out exactly what’s going on with you is a journey through trial and error and talking to find the best way to help you. Everyone is different, it’s a process

Miguel Hernandez

yup : )

Brittany Greene

Jazmyne Thomas Listen to the people involved in her journey, the steps she has to take, for a lifetime, the ups and downs, and how much consistency and resiliency allllll of this takes. The Rates Of Suicide Aren’t An Accident.

Michelle Irizarry

Laura Carroll

It’s a really cute video I thought

Cassie Klausner

It’s hard for me to watch this video because when she is tossing the pills everywhere I’m getting anxiety thinking about all the pills on the floor that need to be picked up lol

Ethan Croese

she’s having depressions, haven’t seen those pills around for years

Adry KhodyFrag

In my case atheism help me a lot…religions said to me that was god’s will or demons or that I was imagining…no believing in God makes me manage my symptoms…I enjoy my life my moment helping people n animals ?

Ange Lombardi

Watch this its a beautiful story Dennis Webster

Renée Sadie Minichino

The problem is that people believe drugs will work forever and ever. That’s like having a broken leg and wanting to use your crutches until the day you die. Without multiple avenues of treatment that include a psychologist and a good support system aro…See More

Zakhir Hunter Saibu

Sammi Rose what it feels like to constantly be on meds

Alex Smith

This is why I wish they’d legalize marijuana everywhere. I was prescribed 5 medications for my numerous mental disorders and 4 of which were sedatives. I ended up collapsing in my asl class because my body couldn’t function anymore on the strong doses …See More

Karen Berter Deaton

You articulated this comment perfectly! Couldn’t agree more!

Alex Richardson

Devin Rhea McCray made me think of you. Love you

Cassie Klausner

You have good ideas but sometimes it’s just not that easy.

Alex Brik Evans

Random fact, in veterinary medicine mirtazapine is actually a stomach medicine

Zackery Martinez

what do you mean?

Tisiana Harvey

Stephanie Louise good days and bad days, all that counts is you keep trying. Xx

Lisa Shelley

Thanks for shareimg this with me

Charleen Jenkins

Many conventional doctors do resort to medications to treat disorders of all kinds. They see that problem and shove more problems down your throat by giving you those certain meds. Now with alternative medicine, the physicians look at your body as a wh…See More

Maddi Lennox

I’ve been happier than ever since I disconnected from the church.

Kasey Foley

Sarah Bonath interesting. This is why your psychology class is interesting! Basics are boring, psych is interesting. Good luck! Let me know how your test goes! <3

Gaea Amari

and what do i do if i dont have insurance nor money… what if the only friends i have are my current boyfriend and his bestfriend, what if i dont trust anybody else anymore to talk about this? what if my family doesnt understand it? what if you have tried talking about it for more than 5 years and everybody left in the end and didnt help at all? u keep going? is that it? yeah u just need to keep trying i gues..

Tom Murray

Sad. Buzz feed promotes misinformation. I’d be happy to talk to anyone about the research. (A.k.a. Professor and counselor)

Mrittika Mumu


Michael Ricci

Just smoke a joint and get over it pussies.

Theresa Elizabeth Greene

so hard to watch, so sad.

Gina Cicale-Ceccolini

Wow, so weird….I just watched this myself two days ago and we inserted this link into a PPT that I am doing for a work project. We had to pick a Charity to raise money for and presenting on Dec 18th. My Team choose Project Semicolon. I am using this link in the PPT. We raised $700 so far to help raise awareness for Mental Health illnesses.

Tasha Allen

Watch this it provokes a deep and meaningful discovery for the audience Katy Baker

Christine Garnett

Karen Mclean Medication, the right one for you, will help with that. You go into fight or flight mode when you’re in public. Your brain has somehow wired socializing (anything involving people) with danger. I would also recommend a CBT therapist if you…See More

Suzi Marsh Meffen

One example??? I watched my brother live in Schizophrenic hell, it was lsye 70′ s terrible meds. I’ve had a fee schizophrenic clirnts on the newer meds and some can even work! If you could experience it or live with it…you would NEVER say that abt EVERYONE OF US WITH MENTAL illnesses. I am an addict in recovery 33 yrs. Also diagnosed Bipolar 2 28 yrs ago.

Dede Attwell

Delaney you should watch this its really interesting

Rebekka Anna

Most of the meds the woman from the video spoke of were benzos; different brands, but all the same crap. Just like your gf, I was also on klonopin, a benzodiazepine, for years. I was on Paxil from age 18-24 and from 24-31 I was on Klonopin. I took myse…See More

Derrick Dayton

Thank you so much for this. I’ve felt this way now for years and the shame I feel for having to take medication to just feel balanced sucks. You are an inspiration.

Michelle Rope Schiavon

Right on. Perfect timing for a lady I was trying to explain this to today. Way to go. It is a battle every day and you are doing it.

Kimmy Dooley

– As a matter of fact, when meds originally came out they were meant to only be a temporary crutch at best- No one was supposed to spend their lives dependent on them. Just temporary plan while you figure out how to truly fix your problem. – there are …See More

Kendal Drye

Carolyn Love Tilley this kind of sums of my struggle with what I’ve been going through lately. ?

Chris NaCl Shahan

im sick of all these stories of people who have been through the same shit as me. that offers literally no consolation. its basically saying “it’ll get better eventually” to someone sinking in a sandpit. yeah sure you went through all these meds and fi…See More

Claudia Ordonez

I’ve had depression for 6 yrs. Went to counseling 4 times with 4 different ppl and it didn’t work. The only reason my doctors prescribed medication is bc she saw my scars once during a physical for school. I took my medication for one year and once I s…See More

Skyler Junebug Pursifull

Look up “phosphatidylserine”. It’s an amino acid that helps your body get rid of cortisol (a stress hormone that causes fight or flight response). It works with your body, had no side effects, and does not leave you feeling loopy either. It can dramati…See More

Wendy Martinez

Love u babes

Matthew Bobbink

This is my story word for word

Jenifer Johnson

Why was suboxene prescribed for adivan addiction? Sub is for opiates

Hanneke van Keulen

I was in tears watching this. Too much of her story is exactly like mine. Drugs names are different but in the end the struggle is the same – and ongoing. Thank you so much for creating this video.

Jade Moss

Julia Goodin ?

Kelsey Coffey

I thought that sounded like her

DreOnna Monaco

Emily Robertson I want you to watch this.

Sarah Bridges

Bradley P Blake thank you for your suggestions. Although, I had genetic testing done to see how my body metabolizes pain medicine. I have a certain gene that causes me to be susceptible to dangerous heart arythmias if I take methadone, so it isn’t an option. My pain doctor wants me on suboxone but I don’t tolerate it well. ?

Tierney Emmalene Reimer

Ugh. Seroquel is the devils drug. How sad is it, the drugs that are suppose to “fix” you do more damage. ?

Jessica Lohr

Brandon Moody can we watch this when you get home

Bitty Karla

You are Amazing thank you for trying and thank you thank you thank you for sharing

Emma Cline-Phillips

Shawn Cano watch it until the end. Love you ?

Nikki Li Apple

Wow. I loved this and can relate to so much of it.

Megan Weimar

Consider NEUROFEEDBACK. It’s medication-free, active re-training of the brain using visual or auditory rewards, operant conditioning. There is no hypnosis, no shock therapy, just a live EEG that helps patients reconfigure those neural pathways and stabilize dysregulation in the brain. To learn more about it read here: tallahasseeneurobalancecenter.com

Shelby Pennington

Marijuana is the answer. Not poisoning yourself with pills.

Vichely Oum

The price of happiness is being with me! ❤️

Megan Danielle Ledford

I just wish people would understand that mental illness is REAL. Very real.. it hurts when your own flesh and blood says you’re just playing the victim and there’s nothing wrong with you. For finally getting the courage to confront my mental illness and do something about it

Kim Einstein

I’m here if you want to talk!!! I have anxiety as well!!!

Nųsa Nųr

god help you Marley Wilson such a hoe

Spencer Sherk

Maybe this awareness campaign’s misguided…. http://www.nytimes.com/…/01/10/magazine/10psyche-t.html…

Annie Douglas

That’s so awesome!! Mental illnesses are so overlooked and undereducated

Mariah Paolino

We all react differently to medications, I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety and became depressed, it was to a point where I just wanted to be happy and wanted to stop living in fear, going on medication has been the best decision I’ve made. Not t…See More

Anitza Kusanagi

I’d like that. I love making new friends

Nyssa Alden


Angie Christman

Maybe you haven’t gone to the right counselor? You should be trying to figure out what made you this way, and how to overcome it and be at peace. Going to counseling before never helped, but my recent counselor helped me really discover why I struggle with the things I do. I would suggest doing everything you can before getting on meds, because they made me worse than actually help me.

Edward Quigley

Alcohol also block the brains receptors and the “medication” isn’t effective.Dr.jeckle & Hyde .Never know who your going to greet,always skating on this ice.Sad as fuck to see someone give in,give up!Too tired?

Ravin Schouest

Mark Anthony Graffeo I’m sorry I have the worst mood swings and I’m a baby about everything in I cry a lot more then I should but I’m doing it with no medical help so I’m proud of my self

Theresa N Dao

ShereenAnjanet quick review before the final lmao

Samantha Sigafoos

Meds don’t work for everyone. However, I’m going to dismiss your advice and continue taking psych meds.

Shania Basar

Janice Marie Read Amanda Barry’s comment, then you can see yourself out.

Sarah Bouachir

Audrey Manners not really. Many people are prescribed meds they dont need. It varies from case to case but there are alternatives (for many various illnesses) to medication. Now thats not to say that meds arent needed. Some people do need it, but be aw…See More

Shawna Angel Lu

I cant remember my meds 🙁

Haley Jefferson

I’m a 17 year old girl and have been diagnosed with depression for about a year now. In that year, I have taken citalopram, fluoxetine and sertraline to control my depressive state along with zopiclone to control the insomnia that went along with takin…See More

Gavin Bridgeforth

It doesn’t take rocket scientist to realize the issue is the medication…

Autumn Hope

You are prescribed welbutren and Lexapro at the same time Kimberly Ashenden?

Kristy Redmon

I think a lot of people feel this way who suffer with mental illness

Erica Bourland

Same with me. Was the Doctor a general practitioner? They have no right to put us on that kind of medication. They should have referred you to a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Alexis Davies

I take Zoloft and trazadone I have anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, Eating disorder, PTSD and suicidal thoughts and tendencies (self harm)

Skylar Dean

Sadly for some people it can make matters worse.

Sydney Nielsen

No. Everyone will face sadness. Everyone will face fear or uneasiness. Depression and anxiety are mental illnesses. They are not natural. They will not happen to everyone. Stop spreading misinformation and stop speaking on a subject you know nothing about.

Leah Squires

Zink Alexandra, I thought this was really neat, wanted to add it to use it as an awareness issue but its only on facebook 🙁

Jerry Hengeveld

Cassie Klausner none of this is easy. but trying is better than not trying. i know about not being able to sleep. this post was made 6 hours ago for me it’s 1pm for me now. just think about what time that would be lol. 7.. in the morning.. i slept for …See More

Sarah Ogden

This video gave me some motivation inside. U go girl!

Megan Elizabeth

Max Hansen reminds me of that book you read

Alexis Royce

It’s not just life when you’re struggling with a mental illness.

Meredith Aleccia

Very good. And yes, some definitely does apply. Really worth the watch!

Frances Marie Anderson

Made me cry too. But everything does… it’s gonna happen. It’s rough to watch.

Rachel Artz

I’ve watched this at least 3 times now. I’ve cried each time.

Tayelor Marie

I think this is the best video you have ever posted.

Jen Sinnott

Lauren Rogers I shared this a year ago and it just repopped up on my Facebook. I think you’ll like this video

Marylou Gesslein

Absu effn lutely! Happens much more than they report. You don’t need that kind of shit! You’re strength alone will get you thru it!

Barb Tribuiani

Thank you for bringing this to light! Couldn’t agree more with all of it

Bradley P Blake

Also, I have to say that you seem like a great person. You’re very polite and I appreciate the way you’ve come across in what you’re saying. I think the problem is you’re just a little naive to the extremes these issues go to. It’s not as easy as yo…See More

Mia Hollywood

Amy Templeman you need to watch this

Rylie Keenoy

What happens in a panic attack or anxiety attack because Idk if I had one or noy

Hope Koenning

Medication saved my life.

Justin Smith

Love ya too fam but it’s hard yo I try to get through each day by all pills

Lydia Hughes

? I’m confused which thoughts

Marissa Roloff

Do you have clinical depression? Have you ever had to live with chronic anxiety? It isn’t something everyone faces it’s a literal mistake in your brain that they don’t know how to cure they can’t fix it

Wendy Hamilton

Nerontin is a pill that works on the pain center in your brain. It alters how your pain is interrupted. It was originally used as an anti seizure medication. Very old drug. Works well for many people. Check it out. Sorry for your pain. It can be so tiring and depressing. Good luck. Don’t give up! Hugs

Dancey Lauren Hammingh

Mercedes Curran Kelsey Smith whoa. This was really eye opening…and helpful.

Kira Ellsworth


Jaime Andres Paredes

Paula Lopez only thought about you…. No me has contado como vas 🙂

Andrew Young

Brittany Sposito for you… I’m still here for you

Katelyn Garces

Blake Boyles what I don’t want to have to go through.

Sarah Hachman

As someone who suffers from chronic migraines and chronic headaches, I understand what you’re going through. There is not a day that passes where I don’t have a headache of some sort, and my migraines can last up to a month and can send me to the emerg…See More

Grace Collard

I’m so sorry that all of you couldn’t find help in God, he has helped me through everything and I could never thank him more, I’m here if anyone wants to talk x

Angie Christman

This is so true. A doctor put someone close to me on a medication that made him unpredictable and extremely numb and suicidal. The doctor simply told him to check in, but didn’t notice or care once he shut everyone out. Including me. A doctor can liter…See More

Patti Howell

I was on Ativan 2mg. For years I have probably been on every antidepressant made. Currently on effector helps a little.

Janice Curle

did you read the study?

Michelle Binder

stay healthy stay safe y’all take care <3

Nerisa Arias

Lauren Arce i think you would appreciate this ❤️

Erica Rippeth

When I was 11 years old my family doctor prescribed me Lexapro. I took it for 2 months and I didnt think it helped. At that point he increased my dosage. I felt like killing myself everyday. At 13 I started taking Ativan and Cymbalta for many years. I …See More

Bradley P Blake

I’m sorry but do you suffer from extreme anxiety or depression or ptsd or insomnia or any mental debilitating illness?

Tracey Howells

Good on her 4 doing this video ,,, I have tryed about 40 different meds in the last 14 months and my depression has got so bad now ,,, that I take overdoses and self harm .

Dorion Biggs

I have no interest in ANY medication… But thanks anyways… I’m fine doing this myself with therapy, support systems, and other methods I have to calm down.

Bato Kannon

Thank you for your post.

Ashley Tallman

I agree with you 100% and I am in the same boat I have high anxiety and depression and honestly I’m losing the battle the meds I was on worked for a while then all of a sudden…. didn’t…….and I feel hopeless I feel worthless…. I never have happy…See More

Colleen Souch Kizuik

Yes. I think so.

Janice Curle

You can’t broadly say depression and schitopzhrezia are similar – you can say not medicating them both have better outcomes. You’re implying the meds are helping. In most cases, no they are not. We understand the chemical imbalance theory is false. So we can stop doing that to people NOW!

Emily Dixon

Liam Morgan I know your medication isn’t working well, but loom what this person went through, how many pills and misdiagnosis, it’s normal okay?

Alexis Octavia Hofferber

I live with the struggle every single day you dumb fuck! I have been on meds for 2 years and it has helped me significantly. My anxiety is almost non-existent and I don’t have any more manic episodes.

Jordan Hedger

Katee Davies Sonja Maschotta the accuracy within the first minute is scary

Anitza Kusanagi

Thank you!

Chuck Lusk

Would be nice if it worked that way. Iam bipolar and adhd. I Tried meditation it worked for a week or so. But when I had an episode it was very bad. Try living with me for a day and a half with out my meds you might change your mind about people on meds.

Alisha Marie

Candice did you see this. Breaking the stigma.

Suzi Marsh Meffen

April Bales ?

Melissa Viggers

omg this made me cry..thank you honey..I love that you get it and understand me ❤

Juan Carlos Ochoa-Gonzalez

No offense but I don’t really feel like being drugged up for the next 5 years looking for the “right combination” for something I didn’t really have a problem with. My pain was from life experiences that I wasn’t willing to give up on. Being told I had…See More

Stephanie Keithley

Thomas Brugger ‘when your brain is sick you go to the doctor, right?’ Ha.

Amanda King

That was an absolute roller coaster. I give major props to the girl who went through this because you’ve gotta be tough shit to pull yourself through so much medication and misdiagnoses.

Lindsay Lou

No, it’s one of the Buzzfeed girls.

Margaret Dean

This happened to me too. My family doctor prescribed me effexor when I told her my depression came back but didn’t schedule me for a followup, just basically handed me the prescription and said good luck. Within a month of starting it, it triggered a m…See More

Maira Alejandra

The Lord is here for you all!! At my lowest point I turned to him and he saved me. All MEDICATION free. Yes, I have my days. But I deal with them. I let myself feel. I pray. I pray and I pray! Praying for you all! Xoxo

Matthew Brown

This video was amazing. Made me tear up a little.

Sabrina Romero

Mason Seay Lacy Crawford this is the video I was talking about

Kelly Anne

Paul Martin pretty good video that explains depression

Sara Spencer

Janais DeJong this would answer your question last night.

Balaram Dass

exactly my thoughts, she started saying “i was trying to fix an internal problem with an external solution” and then went backwards… started off with benzos and depression pills next thing u know its legal meth, aka adderall, benzos, and then she sta…See More

Alesir Isabella

Don’t give up. Go to a doctor for a med detox then start new. I’ve been there. Don’t give up

Evelin Gaspar

Oh definitely but for a lot of people pills make it worse. And for a young lady to have a trial error experiment with pills like this is not healthy

Leah Ludlum

Don’t care. I don’t want help. I wanted you to know why I don’t want to go to a psychiatrist or a therapist.

Lisa-May Dutton O'Dwyer

Amy this is what happened with me, all them tablets

Laura Carroll

I know I tag you in all mental health related things but this is an interesting vid Holly MH

Josh Levingston

Try giving someone having a severe panic at

Destiny Lowden

Get help. God has given you the tools.

Bradley P Blake

Some of us don’t have a choice. I tried extremely hard to go a natural way through meditation and diet and exercise. Between the constant extreme anxiety, mood swings, and nightmares, I couldn’t handle it any longer. I take well over a handful of di…See More

Amanda Thayer VanHale

I’ve written and erased 5 different comment, feel physical anxiety just after having watched…..I’m crying and going to take a pill, and I’m not sure why

Pat Silverman

watch this miss Dana Troha

Renee Martinez

This is so deep and so real thanks Carm for sharing I posted it as well ?

Sarah Elisabeth Bruns

This might help if I wasn’t making any sense yesterday… Carter Jackson

Sobia Ameen

Sheetal Gur What I was talking about.

Stephanie Holt

I was thinking the same thing when watching this video. I have lupus along with other things that run with lupus and have been on medications daily since 2009. I have chronic pain and I know that stigma of being a person who takes pain medication. I’ve…See More

Sassica Lynn

It shows statistically significant evidence of medication affecting ADHD and non-ADHD individuals differently, which refutes your claim that medication affects both groups the same. (It’s kind of seeming like *you* didn’t read the whole study, they only had to click in a box on the screen enough times to receive the same dose as before, it wasn’t performing better or worse on a task).

Katy Doench

I wasn’t able to see a ps

Ann Auton

You can go to your county mental health. They have a sliding scale for services if you can’t afford it and some counties will help you with the insurance and going through drug companies to get the meds for free.

Bitty Medina

You’re doing an amazing job of dealing with things !

Noelle Andres

Unless you have a MD after your name no one should be making assumptions against your doctor if you had concerns for the meds you need to make your worries be known there are always different ways or meds that may be better suit for you but the doctor…See More

Matty Elliott

1. You are you…we all have issues & oddities. Embrace it, live w it, and it is what it is. You are what u are. Can’t change that. No pill or doctors is gunna change you. You

Lexi Gealy

Why I don’t believe in medicine Jennifer Mejia

Allison Anahely

That’s what I was thinking!

Katerina Ko

I wish my sister would keep trying to get help for her depression and BPD. Due to the difficulty of finding a solution mixed with denial of her diagnosis, lead her to give up trying.

Lyss Marie

Rob you shouldn’t of been diagnosed with bipolar right of the bat even before 18 when your brain is still changing and developing. People who study in this field don’t always follow the rules which suck

Sara Murry

All these comments are a mess. This woman is sharing her route and for any of you to come and criticize her choices in trying to be happy or anything is disgusting and wrong. No, not everyone needs medication to be happy or cope or get better; but thes…See More

Tom Kat

Yep I definitely understand this and I’m not on medication like I should be

Sassica Lynn


Lynet Bernales

also the fact that as humans we decide to label every thing adds on unneeded paranoia

Jessica Corropolese

What I do is I just take the scripts they give me and I fill them. I look at the bottle and I decide. “Am I ready to take another risk of overdose? Is my depression currently that bad? Can I handle my anxiety?” I took about a weeks worth of a starting …See More

Celine Franco

I do have panikattacks and i’m doing Fine without any medications! It’s hard but you can Deal with it!

Michael Guynn

Meds were a major part in me getting through a major depressive spiral in my life, and continued depression and anxiety in general. No. They didn’t “fix me.” They weren’t meant to. But they got me to a state of mind where I wasn’t constantly ruminating…See More

Karla Beas

Danny Diaz did you see this?

Nic Smith

No but most countries provide health insurance. Which is a huge help for those sorts of situations. And now they have ads to promote more people to pump themselves full of those drugs

Mariam Qureshi

Been dealing with shyness/ anxiety All my life only hope GOD!!! Because majority of the time when u go seek help and doctors prescribe medicine they misdiagnose u n then ur pretty much screwed for life

Johanna Werner

Only watched it now. Thank you. Is very interesting and makes me think X

Maddi Lennox

I’m not saying meds is always the way to go, but everybody has a different p

Alejandra Barney

I suffer from depression and bipolar disorder I got diagnosed when I was just 6. All the pills and the therapy just didn’t help me. When I turned 8 they said well you have ADHD too I was taking 5 pills a day since I was 6 then they added 2 more but thi…See More

Brittney Alexander

LisaKaren Wat I don’t want to go through ?

Kassie Galaski

Kyra Rychly sometimes medication is worse. However, after years of therapy, and cbt, and a bunch of other things, I found that a low dose of a medication daily really helped me. Of course medication isn’t the only thing you should do. 🙂 I still have b…See More

Sarah Bridges

If anyone on this thread needs a friend and someone to listen to, I’m a good listener. And I feel you. Didn’t expect to get this much support. I wish there was more help for people like us. ?

Dave Lambert

No one in their right mind would prescribe klonopin to help someone mentally ill. Sorry for your bad experience but you are learning the wrong lesson from it.

Renée Sadie Minichino

Okay but a lot of this makes 0 pharmacological sense. Who in their right mind gives someone addicted to benzodiazepines suboxone????? And for that matter who would ever replace lamictal with trazadone? She sounds like she had shit for brains doctors.

Ashley Bacon

Ann, the exact same thing happened to me. I just stopped all of them at once and lost 50 pounds within two months. and I’ve been on half of the pills that were in this video it’s crazy I thought I was the only one.

Jake Cunningham

Thanks Tyler! I actually shared this video earlier today. It is what caused me to break down and cry. I appreciate the mention very much!!

Miguel Hernandez

Thats why you take psychedelics to expand your mind and not focus on certain thoughts : )

Luke DiFilippo

Stop smoking weed. That will help many many people with mental issues who are also taking prescription meds.

Katarina Schmidt

Carly Marie this is so crazy deep.

John Heckman

I recommend to anyone that thinks they are suffering from mental illness to go on YouTube and look up “channel higher self”. The guy’s name is Lincoln. I found his videos when I felt nothing else was working. He will show you something that you have to…See More

Anna Marie

Meg Mcdevitt I might not be able to feel what you feel, but I understand. “Keep trying” find your strength.

Janice Curle

What we know about schizophrenia that is true: its 8 genetic markers – in theory that could be fixed – without meds – with vaccinating the markers with the correct markers – instead of chasing meds that make people sick and shorten their lifespan.

Abbie McNitt

Just because it happened to your girlfriend, doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. My meds are NOT poison, and they’ve continued to help me live a regular life. They don’t cover up how I really feel. And to anyone saying “life happens just deal with it” is part of the fucking problem. So fuck off kindly with that nonsense please. ??

Gail Furtado Coelho

I think Xanax and Ativan worsen depression. Paxil worked for me thank God

Bertha Fabrizi

I was in an accident and experienced crazy anxiety they said it’s was likely because my adrenaline just. Went through the roof. They put me on some heavy stuff lorazepam which I took for a week it was great but I felt maybe a little to happy. I got off it but it was tough as it was additive.

Billie-Louise Sim

Taylor Mcbain I can never explain it to you…

Josh Haines

All I really heard was the amount of time and people it took for no good reason or solution

Amy Purcell

Probably best thing to do with these pills?

Jennifer Reed

I had the worst panic attack of my life today. I truly thought that I may not wake back up. Diagnosed bipolar & I also have serious panic attacks. No meds..I am not taking anything at the moment. But after what happened this morning. .I see now I do need some help. I hope you find it as well.

Amber Travers

So this brought me to tears . Wow

Kyla O'Donnell

Katy O’Donnell this is so true to my journey

Roy Karen

Love ya 2 sis 😉

Angélica Rodz

I’ve had depression , anxiety among others for most of my life . I tried going to therapy but I just felt like no one understood me . So I stopped going , some days are better than others but I guess anyone suffering from mental illness knows that everyday is pretty much a struggle . I commend all those who continue to preserve day in and day out .

Julie Dry

I’m on suboxone because I became addicted to opiates Dr says take 2 every 6 hrs 90 pills 4 refills thanks lady!

Ross Arnold

It’s a wonder why your girlfriend had “mental illness.” your presence in her life is probably what fueled the fire.

Christina Martinez

Psych medications affect everyone differently. Not everyone is going to have the same experiences, side effects, etc. What might work for one individual may not work for another. Hence, the medication changes and adjustments. Unfortunately misdiagnosis…See More

Emily Williams

I dove in full speed ahead into meditation and it fixed me from chronic depression/suicidal thoughts (since 11yo and anxiety attacks). I try and say this on social media as much as possible in case it ends up working for someone else! But I’m talking an hour a day here after attending a 10 day Vipassana retreat.

Josie Marie

My entire teenage years. But they only put me on Zoloft and Aderral. I did good for awhile then had a mental break down and my adoptive parents had me baker acted.

Sean Marien

I wish you didn’t have to man

Noelle Ann Eassom

I’ve heard instant success stories. Like they wake up and it’s like they’re an entirely different person. Pretty neat

Tierney Emmalene Reimer

Yeah! It took me three month’s to regulate my sleeping pattern. Currently trying to wean myself off paxil and the withdrawal is horrendous. I freaking hate SSRI’s. I take welbutrin too, but every time I stop taking it I get really agitated. Marijuana sadly increases psychosis, paranoia and all that fun stuff for me. I wish it didn’t. ?

Eissa Hart

Kati the last 40 seconds is wow and the last statement she makes is a powerful one I don’t know about you but for me I thought what’s wrong with me why can’t I just get it together and control myself I not once looked at it the way she said it

Amanda Wheelhouse

I go to therapy. I take my meds. Without them, I don’t believe anything is real. It’s terrifying.

Nicolai Sommer

det sker ikke ❤️

Morales R Monica

Jose Rodriguez watch this when you can

Danielle Yarrington-Schmitz

Darren Watson obviously this spoke to me lol

Jade Phillips

Whats marijuana legalisation got to do with this?

Karen Mclean

Christine Garnett Thank you so much for your advice and help! i appreciate it so much 🙂

Dylan Beinert

“mental illness” tell me right the fuck now why it’s in quotations like it’s not real

Julia Goodin


Nicolai Mohammed

What am I for then? ?

Teresa Andersen

you show your ignorance of mental health

Patrick Davis

This a thousand times this.

Frances Stern

Wow this is a great video , we all know someone , we all need to help someone . Share this with your friends ❤️

Jenny Lvd

Damn forreal dude ?

Shebee Lewis

have u ever try god as a pill

Wisdom DeVaughn

Tyneesha this is….strangely inspiring.

Jade Fox

Love you too xxxx❤️

Samuel Morgan

Well, for one, she had a completely incompetent psychiatrist who should have had their license suspended a long time ago. That, or this whole story is bull shit. Prescribing SSRI’s to people who suffer from bipolarity is not okay. Prescribing a combina…See More

Christine Garnett

My god this is a nightmare.

Neil Singh Mamak

Are pills an acceptable alternative to your 1 disapproved medication in life??? Khushbu Amin Tejash Parekh

Lupe Nava

I use to take adivan, good thing I didn’t rely on drugs like that I forced myself I can do it without them. Its scary stuff.

Kolin Caepernick

Is there any medication for not finding the right boyfriend to love you the right way because that is why I’m depressed? Even worst I can’t focus when ppl talk to me.

Janice Curle

Lol. Where. You’re just making shit up. Go back to high school.

Victoria Baumann

The series of medicines I’ve tried in the last 18 months #bipolarawareness

Kaicee Murray

Roland Hussey a little inside of what’s going on in my brain

Karisa Danielle

Completely spot on. I could go into it, but I feel like there’s just not a point anymore. Nobody will ever fully understand. Ever

Elise Beck

Michelle Ainsworth be happy your not like this

John Lindfors Jr

Why would you take suboxone that’s to help people get off of opiates not if you’re depressed and have anxiety

Reese Atkinson

You are super coolio Quinn

Sara Cowan

Have you ever tried biofeedback? I have debilitating migraines and that has helped more than most meds combined. I hope you find something to help you.

Christine Garnett

I did this bout when I was in undergrad. Now I’m going through it again because my life just exploded and I lost pretty much everything I cared about. I am not going through this again.

Oscar Stewart

Just looks like a bit of a mess really. A pen would have sufficed :/

Katherine Johnson

Going through this journey myself! It is the worst feeling ever! Going through a rough patch right now. I hate my insurance and the doctors I have to see. I feel they don’t listen nor care. I just need to make it through what I am going through right now, and maybe I can start working on a way to fix it.

Lola Mhommed

I’m not sure if she’s going according to the doctor’s directions, and I already sat with her many times and talked to her, she thinks beating is how you raise a child. And I don’t think I will be going to the doctor again. At first I was really shy aro…See More

Ann Auton

No one’s brain is the same. It’s not an exact science like an antibiotic to kill a germ in your body, because of that you have to try meds to see which one fits. Then your brain changes as you get older, guess what? That means the meds got to change with it because the one you were on no longer works. It’s your brains fault, not the meds.

Yvonne Maggio

This is SO COMMON withe how doctors treat mental illness. Cover up the symptoms with band-aid solutions: pills. Sometimes they work, many times they don’t. Therapy should always be part of the treatment plan. Unfortunately, addiction to the medications is a side effect gripping many like a vise..

Angélica Rodz

Jeje , algo nos traera el destino , asi Es la vida ! ?

Frances Griffith

Very bad advice. If getting proper care, physician should/could change from meds that are not working or having a bad result. Most need talk therapy and medication to treat their brain disorders and mental illness IS a BRAIN DISORDER, like diabetes is …See More

Sassica Lynn

I think you’re suffering from confirmation bias.

Bailey Juvinall

I’m saying I deal with it too.

Jeremiah Henderson

Because a lot of people do not know how to handle their problems

Katy Doench

Serina Relheo my cousin is schizophrenic and he’s literally crazy without his medication, he has tried to kill himself before, he’s done all sorts of dangerous and crazy stuff because he WASN’T on medication. He can’t just “heal” he’s fucking sick and he will be for the rest of his life, he will be on medication for the rest of his life and of he stops taking it, he might actually harm himself or someone else.

Jacqueline Oveja Pereira

You have no idea what your talking about! Please do not ever recommend a mental patient to get out of meds or you’ll end up with that person in suicide.

Megan S Borgschatz

JJ Rip the struggles.right? ?

Michael Toschi

Anyone struggling anxiety please pay attention to this… Read At Last a Life by Paul David, it is life changing and provides so much crucial information

SC Richards

Had a chuckle at the explanation she does. Emma Cameron good video though

Lubo Schusterovi

Now i have my own opinions on medication and i can see the need for it in cases of serious mental illnesses, however the end goal should always be to be able to get to a healthy mind and body without the support of a pill or chemical. Depression and a…See More

Leah Ludlum


Jack Beela

Lmfao, its a scam, wake the hell up. Man the fuck up and deal with it, your not gonna finish a marathon your first try, and your not gonna feel better your first day, stop taling the pills you retards. Theyre not helping. Your just a bunch of spoiled kids that cant handle life

Tayla Lawrence

Fucking feels man ❤️

Nicole Rubin

I would maybe ask the same question, however, benzo withdrawl is very similar to that of heroin. Not to mention benzo and alcohol are the only withdraws you can die from, which should be taken very seriously. I’m sure many routes are tried to make sure the withdraw period goes as smoothly as possible.

Cindee Vergara-Carrier

What a thoroughly insightful video for people who have no clue. Thank you so much for this!!!

Katy Doench

I’m just gonna come right out and say go fuck yourself Janice Curle.

Brittny Selene Saldaña

Sonia Karolina Grodzka I don’t know you very well but from what you post every now and then, the video reminded me of you

Della Boyce

Dom Bbd Aprigliano useful for future reference maybe?

Fernanda Huang Oh

Get cognitive behavioral therapy.

Siobhan Richard

Sam Willetts love this! I feel like this all the time

Aaron Oppedisano

I’m trying so hard ..and my life will be put to the test soon..it’s terrifying

Jake Robinson

Valium, not even once.

Sammie Shultz


Justin Reed

God is probably the best place to start if ur not on medication or even if you are on medication

Sarah Grace Wolfrom

You have NO IDEA what “mental symptoms” even are until you go through SEVERE Benzo withdrawal- BELIEVE THAT!

Sam Supovitz

Why would sometone take suboxone for ativan wd?

Frank Umile

Lexapro helped/helps me.

Tiffany Renae

I think the medications arnt fair for my kids though, they make me to larthargic. Ive tried many.. never heard of paxcill. But is this similar to valium?

Lisa Burke

Layla, I watched the video you put on here, I cried, so much like what I’ve been through and you must feel the same. I left all my family because of that town the black hole I call it and it is there is so much more in this world you need to leave the …See More

Emily Simpson

Thank you so much for sharing! Definitely an eye opener.

Royce Alexander Jareo

Open your eyes. Life isn’t that bad. I’ve lost a lot of family members growing up and i can still say that

Aubrey Winkler

Aw thanks Jaime, that was lovely.

Emily Simpson

Thats why my adopted parents taught me to use as much home remedy and essential oils,etc. as possible so I never have to rely on pills and such.

Jeremy Shrier

Smoke weed

Melanie Desforges

Sometimes I just wish people would get me, understand but no one will ever understand me not when I can’t understand my own self. I’ve been broken for so long, literally alone… Even when I’m surrounded by people I still feel so alone. Go to school, a…See More

Chrisa Chiasson

Everyone is different. It may not work for some but may work for others.

Stacy Grimmett

I know it seems that way Kathy Thomas, I don’t know what to do anymore.

Hal Livesey

Holy fuck your right! If i throw away my pills and get a positive attitude ill stop hearing violent and terrifying voices! You abolute fucking nugget

Nick Jewfro Foster

No. Fuck this video, the last thing we should be doing is supporting big pharma companies to pump these god awful “medications” that are more like drugs into us. We shouldn’t promote that its ok to take 20 different medications and take medications for…See More

Cydney Elyse

that’s an maxing video. thank you for sharing it with me. I love you

Evelin Gaspar

Lol I guess I’m just speaking for myself then when I say pot makes me shit rainbows and butterflies Sheila Rivera

Shanaiah Payne


Johanna L. Kemp

Annabelle Lenord this is amazing. Don’t give up mum, I love you x

Lizeth Sivila

I saw this! & reposted. such a good videooo

Kayla Rich

Every pill i was prescribed made my life a living hell. Misdiagnosed with HDAD at 12 given ritalin, developed an ocd-like picking disorder that i still havnt gotten over and am embarassed of my skin. Depression in middle school given prozac i was a zom…See More

Sharron Joyce

There are more holistic approaches when it comes to dealing with various types of mental health, thanks for posting Elle.

Janice Curle

yeah, if anything someone who found psych meds to work didn’t really have true depression or anxiety, if they did it wouldn’t trump a placebo, we deserve more than fake BS and blame from medications disproven from the start – the FDA didn’t even want t…See More

Georgia Robinson

Made me feel really good too! ?

Yaya Calderón

Ativan which is a benzodiazepine. Suboxone is used for opiate withdrawal not Benzodiazepine.

Anjela Kavata

I have bipolar disorder type 2. I have taken medication in years I was able to manage until I had a miscarriage which lead to an episode which I haven’t had in 4 yrs and have been struggling with depression since then. It is a very difficult journey. I’ve taken so many different medications when i first found out that I am bipolar that im terrified to start the process again.

Tamina Hook

Georgia India Hannah you don’t need to watch this whole video but I’ve just tagged you so you can see that you do take tablets for anxiety and she isn’t making it up, I haven’t tagged you to cause arguments or be spiteful I just want to prove a point xxxxx

Nathan Quedenfeld

Why the fuck would a doctor give you suboxone when you’re benzos dependent?? Makes zero sense at all

Storm Kerr

Also people are reading what they want to read from my posts. If your brain skipped over the part where I said “70% of bipolar patients who experience dysphoric mania also experience psychosis” and just read “70% of bipolar patients experience psychosis” then this is clear example of how your brain is now wired to think and reason based on internal predisposition rather than careful examination of the facts.

Kristen Wise

Jaclyn Ward figured you’d like this also

Christine Garnett

Same here. This scares me even more because I’m not doing that for the next 7 years.

Stephaniiee Casillas

The pharmaceutical companies be like…

Kylee Elaine

It’s basically my story

Rae-Anne Kane

Love you always xoxo

Sophie Mcintosh

Pretty accurate

Kendra Harrod

Brooke Lee this is some crazy shit

Marissa Roloff

Clinical depression is when the neurotransmitters in your brain misfire and send the wrong messages, that can happen when you’re any age, why don’t you do your research, it also runs in families, so you have a higher risk of having it if it’s in your family. Come on, it’s like you’re not even trying

Baylie Krutchik

Natural medicines are better for you

Jamie Oxley

Ali Jtbo I think this is maybe why I don’t want to take ssri. I don’t want another “coping mechanism” which might become addictive just like the others.

Ela Moshe

I have OCD, aniexty and i had depression

Cyle Price

Emily Daniele Neff. Maybe a little helpful? At least you can see that you’re not alone. 🙂

Christiana Bottaccini

For example those which ADHD who are not medicated actually drive worse then those without who are drunk. Which is why for now I don’t drive.

Halie Bolton

Jeremy Osowski thought you might enjoy this (:

Lydie Meghan

You’re dumb as shit. You know nothing. Just cause your girlfriend had problems doesn’t mean other people do. Shut your fucking mouth and stop speaking out of turn.

Marie Larkin

Oh honey. The meds don’t make the chemical imbalance, the illness does. It’s as simple as putting in the missing puzzle piece to make your brain function properly.

Susan Ash

This video is beautiful and hit so close to home it made me cry. But suboxone is NEVER prescribed for Xanax addiction! Suboxone (naloxone) is for opiate addiction since it inhibits the actions of opiates in the brain. Something is really not right here. I’d share this all over if not for that glaring error.

Kasandra Norman Chapman

I don’t feel so alone seeing someone else that’s been addicted to prescription psychiatric medications at the hand of a medical professional. It’s a long road to get yourself off them but it’s worth it in the end.

Michelle Roberts

I am still on that journey. Funny how many don’t believe it is an illness which you don’t have a choice. My ex told my son “Mommy has a bad day because she wants to have a bad day”. Like I would wish this on anyone.

Melissa Huffman

true! I have helped a few friends using Essential Oils, they are all natural and help our body naturally, unlike prescription drugs which are foreign to our bodies….thus why most don’t work.

Becky Ford

This sounds like Emma Stone…

Macy Young

I was diagnosed with anxiety as a kid and I took medicine and it helped but no matter what I’ll always have anxiety

Kalyn Falls

It sucks dealing with severe manic depression bipolar disorder and social anxiety you beg “God” to help you and you “Hope” one day maybe someone can save you.. One day there will be a magic pill for you and you can feel normal happy… Where you don’t …See More

Chelsie Jones

Taya Morin-Evans definitely worth the watch 🙂

Abby Miller

Why is it that when one says they are bipolar or depressed and they need their medication, they are told to “man up” or that “it’s all in their head”, when we have a clinically proven disease (fibromyalgia) that is absolutely untestable, and we accept …See More

Lucia Alfieri Bouchard

You are a ignored person you have no idea

Vieana Saviera Kelleher

I stopped doing that because it didn’t work out either, I have trust issues when they wanted me to open up to them I

Courtney Ariel Smisko

Sam I know you’ve been going through a lot with your depression and anxiety. Getting on and off meds and switching doctors all the time. Maybe this video can help you a little. You’re not alone lovely.

Yen Taylor

Wow this is exactly my experience 🙂

Jessii Yates

This made me cry my eyes out. I thought I was the only person who’s medication didn’t seem to help. The diagnosis’s proved and disproved by many psychiatrists. The worst part, I’m 17 and have tried 15 different medications, never finding the right bala…See More

Bree Craig

Shelby Crail this is the video I wanted you to watch

Tori Marie

Sasha watch it til the end, this made me think of you and me both..

Don Zinger

Why the fuck would she need suboxone for an ativan addiction? Suboxone is a partial opioid antagonist used as an aid in opiod withdrawl, not a benzodiazapine withdrawl med. Taking suboxone for more than 3 days will give you an opiod dependancy. The doctor in your life story has lost all credibility to me.

Miya DeVoogd

Not everyone with depression needs pills. Some do, but for others, the side effects and costs just stress them out more. Maybe pills should be more of a last resort (after trying many other methods).

Jessica Ellie Tazelaar

You are generalizing based on one personal experience. You are obviously not a doctor and you have no platform for your opinions. Do not belittle people for having to use medication to even out their chemical imbalances. It is dangerous and you are dumb.

Kellie Dapper

Kelsi watch this 4 minutes and 20 seconds of video. I love you ?

Nicola Thomas

I relate so much to this! Thank you for someone finally being honest about the massive struggle!

Je Ne Fais

You’re right medication isn’t ALWAYS bad… But if you could do talk therapy that was EQUALLY effective without having to put chemicals into your body, would you?

Monty Arguezo

Been struggling with anxiety, panic attacks and depression for a fat 5 years, not giving up

Tabitha Destiel

Medication saved me. Without it, I wouldn’t have gotten better. Nothing has ever helped me like meds have. I could only “heal” through medication. Don’t act like you know what every single person ever needs to feel better. Everyone is different. Your “natural methods” won’t work on every single person who is ill just like one pill doesn’t help everyone.

JoAnn Hofmann

I’m so proud of you too.

Amber Lutz

Jamie Bozenske Lutz Made me think of you and your quest to help others get away from this! ?

Logan Rupp

She should try smoking weed.. The medical benefits would help for sure.

Emma DiAntonio

Yes, coping skills are a huge part of getting through life, but the many clients I have had with anything from schizophrenia to bipolar disorder are not the way they are because they can learn to cope on their own. Maybe your girlfriend was misdiagnose…See More

Samantha Watkins

Tell that to my father who is walking around after having stage 4 lung cancer-clean bill of health!

Sassica Lynn

I was eating better than I ever had in my life. I cut out the caffeine after a while and tried a mild sleeping supplement (valyrian root) to help me sleep and nothing improved. When you say “the same thing” what do you mean? Physiologically or psychologically or..?

Ping Xiu

Trudy Huey Cher Wai Meiji when you actually understand half of the things going on thanks to psy ?

Arielle Alessandra

You don’t use suboxone to get over benzo addiction, lol, that’s an opioid. If you take suboxone without a preexisting opiate addiction you can die from an overdose.

Johnny Gianoplus

Alexander Bazzi this would have never happened to me, panic attack on a plane? my mom would have given me a slap, not valium tf

Landon Boisseau

Alexa VanDillen this is high school Landon

Laura Welch

Heather <3

Sky Jones

Look, these meds are needed by some, and not by others.

Evan Giroux

I go through the same thing only with back pain meds after countless surgeries 🙁

Chuck Martinez

We are one babe, whatever u need! Xoxoxo

Nesha Gold

Wow its such a struggle interesting you thought of me in regards to Ben or me?

Andie Allison

Oh my God please stop talking about things you don’t understand.

Cassidy Zacharias

Woah, this is intense

Josie Hernandez

Please tell us other methods so we can be cured lol

Cassidy Autumn Corin

Jamie Dupre that was rough to watch

Bradley P Blake

Shannon Ob there are no tests for certain mental health conditions. Yes you can be producing to little serotonin and certain things like that but there is far more to it than that with most mentally ill people. If it were as easy as you seem to think it is things would be way different for a lot of people.

Chloé Marina

This is so sad we don’t think we have any power over our own emotions. She totally contradicts herself saying she was looking for something external but then states she still takes meds.

Bonnie Michelle

The only thing I don’t get is the suboxone which is only used to treat opiate addiction in the US as far as I know. I’d be interested to hear if it’s had success with off label uses for bipolar or depression.

Sydney Nielsen

Stop spreading this bullshit. I have major depressive disorder. I exercise. I eat healthy. I go out

Julie Bates-Maves

Is there a way to get the web address for this video?

Hannah May Fagiolo

Robyn Fagiolo this is the video I wanted you to watch!

Rachel Leeding


Kaitlin Ruth Keresty

Why are anti depressants and anti anxiety medicines so controversial? If someone said “oh I have to take a blood thinner” no one would bat an eye but the second you say “I have to take an anti depressant” people go bat shit crazy. “You need to exercise…See More

Judy Kramps

My depression has been a problem since I was quite young. I don’t remember everything about specific problems. I do remember the constant feeling of fear. I kept myself busy with sports at school and baseball in the summer. I think that got me through …See More

Dakota Linnell

Hey everyone! So I agree that medication is not for everyone. I’m constantly in limbo with the anxiety pills I am prescribed. Medication honestly scares me. Will it make me worse, or better? Idk. So I have the prescription, but I don’t take them becaus…See More

Lerato Rametse

i just want you to see this … Dupe Fasawe

Alesir Isabella

They won’t plus they’ll want you to visit them very often. The more you do the more money they earn. I was on phenytoin sodium because my anxieties caused convulsions then Lyrica , Lexapro, carbamazapine and others I don’t even remember the names. This was for almost 11 years and they told me I’d have to take them forever. I beat them all …you can too . Keep strong

Rachel Padillo

Kasia Swati. This was so interesting.

Victor Alvarado

Probably Prozac. It’s all the same zombifying junk pushed on the people through pill mill doctor offices.

Sam Trippi

“What is the price of happiness?” There is an empty void within all us, we try and fill it with everything imaginable, but it can only be filled by God’s Spirit and His unconditional love.

Gunnar R. Lamb

Try some marijuana. You won’t need any of the medications.

MJ Selbe

This is a great video, very similar to so many of the obstacles my patients face.

John Ullman

No such thing as a “good medication” for “mental illness.” They are all poison and create the chemical imbalance that they are alleged to treat. LIFE does happen and we need proper coping skills and a healthly lifestyle NOT meds. I’ve seen this firs…See More

Katy Doench

I’m not comparing cancer to chronic pain, I’m saying that cancer patients, diabetes patients, schizophrenics, are all treated like people with conditions, they are given the medication they need to function, but people with chronic pain are treated lik…See More

Justin Leigh

Sounds like a drug addiction to me and that this hoe was having a withdrawal on benzos lmao foh with this mental illness bs

Tabbitha Himes

I was proscribed a depression medication, but never took it. On the warning label it said not to take it if there’s a family history of depression and my mom had bipolar so.

Tori-Ann Alisha Rose Terlaje

I’m too broke to be able to get help and my mom says it’s all in my head and my anxiety is because I’m shy and have no self esteem and my depression is because I’m always negative and all I have to do is think positive.

Alyssa Finch


Katelyn Brannon

Colby, please watch this.

Sharee Rose Bloomquist

Kali D’Amelio Have you seen this?

Mikaela Aceves

Nicole Kristiansen i still love this video so much and i love you

Shannon Doyle

I have suffered from anxiety and depression since I was in elementary school. The teachers ignored me until I was 11 and just stopped going They noticed something was wrong but never told my Mom who was a single parent with 4 kids working two jobs. Ove…See More

Jared Crerie

I only got better when I got off all meds. Almost all medications for mental illness are harmful, and make things worse

Jessica Schuller

You’re an idiot. Dont sit there and tell people what they need. Some people try and try and cant get better so be a little more sympathetic dude

Karen Berter Deaton

I wouldn’t be alive today without the medications I am now on. Bi polar with psychosis is my diagnosis. Its a chemical imbalance. Not something that can just be “coped with or dealt with”. Without meds I would be manic for weeks! Angry outbursts were t…See More

Jake Seabolt

Stop takin all those toxic shitty pills and smoke a nice fat j. You’ll have a good day after that

Shannon Davis

This is why I don’t go to the doctor. I watched someone go through the pill game and it sucked. Never will I go to the doctor for this.

Carlie-Marie Woods

All mine I felt better took me years to release what was Causing mine to be worse! These pills

Laura Myers

I have been well for years without any prescription medication at all. I had the worst side effects from everything doctors prescribed me, it only made me worse and I couldn’t function in daily life. The only time I was suicidal, was when I was on pres…See More

Cassie Emond

Jean Sullivan I think you’ll like this.. made me think a lot!

Angie Lee Gue

I have been diagnosed as bipolar… manic depressive … with anxiety. . Social anxiety. .. agoraphobia (which basically means I freak out when im around groups of ppl..sometimes all it takes is 2 or 3 ppl to set me off) and ptsd. At one point I was…See More

Hannah Haines

Brendon Baird plz listen to this and understand what and why I go through every fucking day.

Minerva Gonzalez

The more pills you take it gets worst just stay away from people that are giving you problems.go out no drinking or smoking that’s gets you more depress try it.

Matt Taylor

Dru Lawler have you seen this?

Kali Miller

This made me really sad. I know Im severely depressed because I saw my mom go through with it. I have a choice to treat it but I don’t qualify for medicaid and don’t earn enough for medical insurance. I refuse to talk to anyone because all they ever done was pat me on the back and wish me luck. So I struggle each day to find my happiness and right now….only my kids make me live.

Alexandra George


Tyler Hughes

Karen Henderson why I’m not getting on any medicine

Liz B Green

Zackery Martinez. Hold yourself accountable for the sake of trying.

Bradley P Blake

Also, you could try tramadol. That’s a pain reliever but it doesn’t have that horrible stigma around it and most doctors will have no problem giving that to you. It is an ssri so be careful you don’t take too much because of seratonine syndrome. But…See More

Sarah Reega

Oh Sophie I love you too I’m crying again

Steff Annie

Honestly suck it up. The shit they prescribe will kill you faster then the mental health problem. Doctors aren’t here to help us anymore. They jus want to get paid.

Ashley Maxwell

So God made you a little crazy. He probably has som

Faithann Tavares

I may or may not have sobbed just now watching this Katie DeWitt Aubri Smizer

Katy Doench

Dude I feel ya. It pisses me off that I can’t get the pain medication I need because of the stigma around it. I have chronic pain and anxiety and my anxiety medication makes my pain worse (RLS) so I have to choose which state of misery I’m going to b…See More

Jessica Jenkins

Nicholas Matyas when it comes to ur health and diabetes, it takes time honey ?

Brittani Schlimgen

Sarah Cronquist this is an interesting video

Latisha Latouche

Not trying to start anything but is there a reason why you put mental illness in quotation marks?

Eve Butler

Amy O’ Reilly watch the whole thing ❤️

Marinda Martinez

Allyson Wonderland Staci Silva this was really interesting to me hope you feel the same!

Emma Cameron

Wow that’s awesome thank you.

Carolyn Borelli


Tivia Coleman

Yea, get ready for this. Caitlin Riley

Lynet Bernales

i strongly believe that “mental disorder’ does not exist, our temporary feeling of being ‘off’ or depressed is generally cause by stress, the ass holes your surrounding your self with or simply because your brain functions dont function with with government or societies needs so your given pills to help add to the pharmaceutical company

Sara Stolfus

Kathryn, it’s a hard journey. A really hard journey. I’m still struggling with mine, and there will be days when you feel horrible. But you start to feel so much better. And then you realize… “I don’t have debilitating sadness everyday anymore….. Wait, did I just laugh again? It’s been a bad day, but I just laughed….. I can do this.”

Kat Collazo

I cry every time I watch this bc I feel like it’s me talking, it’s my story..

Victoria Rodriguez

Wow, Kimberlee. See, we’re not alone and we can’t control it. We can try. Just try. I almost lost my shit listening to her.

Mary Smith

What about anxiety Leasha?

Ashley Antolin

I’ve been so curious about this. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Emily Williams

I dove in full speed ahead into meditation and it fixed me from chronic depression (since 11yo and anxiety attacks). I try and say this on social media as much as possible in case it ends up working for someone else! But I’m talking an hour a day here after attending a 10 day Vipassana retreat.

Jaclyn Marie Netzel

Chris Struve originally used for depression back in the 50’s, but because of the sedating effects, they can use it for sleep.

Teddyanna Trybek

Can we please fucking learn how important mental illness is??? And how some people need medication to survive.

Lauren Yvonne

Joe Pernaski watch and show mom please.

Correna Peterson

Donnie Hooks.. Maybe this will help explain a little bit.

Eliana Plácido

I forgot all the anxiety of finals in undergrad and still applied for gradschool #smh

Skylar Dean

Oh my fucking god are you serious.

Nat Dawn

This is literally my life story ?

Anthony Khoury

One thing I’m trying to understand is why you want to be around someone who suffers from the same illness as you? I would think that would be a bad thing.. Why not fond uplifting, joyful, life loving people instead? People who don’t have depression can…See More

Jess Brunia

Amber Travers this is interesting 🙂

Laurel Brockman

Hmmmmmmmmmm been in that movie hahha

Ashley Swanson

This hit SO fukn close to home that I’m fighting back tears. I’ve changed meds more than I can count. Its the hardest thing to go through and I still try to hold onto hope!

Emily Johnson

That “Valium” is actually Aspirin 81 mg EC, or otherwise known as Baby Aspirin.

Cam Evans

Or you can use cannabis and feel a whole hell of a lot better without doing damage to your body and your brain with opiates and pills. Come on now.

Abbie Stanford

Georgia this made me feel good, thought it might make you fee good too <3

Vanessa May Ingham

The biggest problem is when you do go and try to get something that works and your psychiatrist thinks you just want drugs and treats you like a drug addict and your anxiety convinces you you’re a terrible human being for even trying.

Jerry Hengeveld

Maria Conlon hey beautiful. if the drugs are only helping you a little and not making the pain and suffering go away i don’t think they are helping as much as you believe. why do you believe your a better person after you have taken the drugs. you are …See More

Alyssa Ogden

Good luck and stay positive! 🙂

Saige Alexanderr

Derek Green I started crying reading this

Noor Saba

Thats is brave and inspiring loving it….

Gia Cromartie

Connor Cromartie watch this..it touched my heart and really hit home for me , love you ❤️

Janet Starr Murphy

Can you find a Naturopath? Or a really good Acupuncturist? Try those routes…in it all, remember that there is One who knows us, every thought, every pain…He is there for all who cry out to Him.

Betty Petreshock

you have to be grateful for your health both physical and mental. It’s truly a gift from God.

Je Ne Fais

No meds for boyfriend problems love, :(. And you have to right to feel sad, we live in a lonely world and it feels so much more alone without a partner. But often we don’t realize how realize how we repeat our own issues with our loved ones. It’s not o…See More

Maddi Baumer

Yes. I was given a medication (that I didn’t need) and even though I’m no longer taking it I still get more panic attacks than I used to, though that could be caused by something else. Always look around for the right doctor for you.

Jessie Payne

Oh fuck OFF. Stop demonising medication and pharmaceutical industries because you are directly insulting the people who rely on them to function on a daily basis. I’m happy for your girlfriend but that does NOT mean dropping medication works for everyone else.

Julie Joyness

I suffer from anxiety and agoraphobia. Medication never did anything for me! In fact, it made everything worse.

Jade Reynolds

Angelica Mabel Budrow we should use this for our world issue presentation!!!

Matthew John Place

The drugs are there to help you take the focus off what you are feeling so you can work out why you are feeling that way and find a way to deal with it. The problem a lot of people face is taking medication to “fix” their problem. It fixes nothing. Jus…See More

Kearney Smith

I cried really hard. I haven’t gotten to the point where I understand what is wrong with me. I haven’t. I’m scared I won’t.

Eboni Stallworth

Damn :/

Doris Grau

See a mental health specialist

Kylie Lynn

Alena Hill this would be great for your presentation

Danny Puschmann

I use to be bi polar, have anxiety, and some manic depression…. was? Mhmm I was mostly misdiagnosed. But I am ADHD and I took pills for it… guess what….? It made me into something I didn’t like. No creativity no ideas nothing I was a fucking zomb…See More

Kenia Roa

Nicole Marie this is what half of out exam today is on lol

Eleni Marie

pretty sure she’s suffering because she stopped taking her Meds … lol

Caoimhe O'Keeffe

You’ll understand aswell Amy Kavanagh ?

Katy Doench

Yeah my doctor is making millions selling me a ten dollar prescription for Prozac and even suggesting I order from Canada in order to save money. Ugh, he’s just in it for the big bucks!

James Tackett

Sydney Tackett why not chemicals…drugs??? Should work…RIGHT? Over look the NATURAL SOLUTION…

Suzi Marsh Meffen

John, you are making generalized statements. You are also making very uneducated irrational statements. In research a reaction has to b repeated over a % of the population several times. Your poor gf was an anomaly. With the population I have seen in p…See More

Bryan Walker

Allison Sieloff you do realize that just 20 short years ago being gay was thought to be a chemical imbalance,doctors prescribed pills for that.. Do you think being gay is a chemical imbalance? I don’t think so..

Crystal Peterson

If that works for you then go for it…meds and science aren’t always the right answer.

Meghan Rose Bartley

glad youre starting to feel better and hope this medication works out for you. ?

Laelen Torrance


Dionna Janai

I was diagnosed with panic disorder I had panic attacks often, I prayed that I could find a way to get rid of the anxiety & depression that caused my attacks without medication bc I don’t want to depend on medication. I haven’t had a panic attack since…See More

Kaitlyn Brewer

Skye King a good watch that demonstrates what I’ve been telling you.

Jesse Hood

You must not have any degree because you clearly know nothing about mental illness and the theories behind it. Medications do work and have saved millions of lives. You’re potentially killing people by spouting this bullshit.

Taylor Anne

What I learned from this video is to be careful with prescription drugs! That’s insane on how much drugs she was on. Might as well have given her the damn pharmacy! To all my friends on meds. Take them in moderation. I’ve taken concerta,Ritalin,Adderal…See More

Heather Michelle

Taylor Alexa thought u would like this

Eileen Podolak

Wow this kind of like the journey I have been through sans the addiction

Elizabeth Berit

Marley Wilson Medication works wonders for some people, but for others it doesn’t actually help. What works for you won’t work for someone else, and that’s especially true when it comes to treating mental illness because everyone’s brain chemistry is …See More

Carrie Heady

Yes,, we were just talking about this yesterday.

Sheila Rivera

The problem that a lot of us have is that we think the meds are going to cure us – doesn’t happen. When it doesn’t happen many people just stop trying. However meds give a lot of us the ability to feel human again and enable us to work on developing c…See More

Leann Im

Ricky Ascencio this is beautiful and encouraging

Jenna van der Merwe

Everything in balance. A pill won’t solve all your problems, but helps in conjunction with therapy, exercise, a good diet and THE RIGHT ENVIRONMENT.

Sherri Conley

Sarah Bridges, have you tried going to a Pain Management doctor? They specialize in treatment of pain, with different therapies, not exclusively pain pills. I see PM and it has helped me tremendously. They offer a variety of treatments which can include injections, psychotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and more. It may be well worth the effort to research what is available in your area. Good luck!

Saffron Elizabeth Wilson-allum

I have both with and to pile on more I have aspergers too. … fun life to live ??… I was prescribed 20mg of fluroxtine then I got so bad I took a over dose of another tablet and was then taken to hospital was there for a week in my self I did not fe…See More

Clay Castner

Jackie Trucco why a pill just pushes a problem to the side

Sierra Francess

Isaac Leo how I feel about my meds ha

Katia Schembri

even if you have been through depression, anxiety or both and found that medication did not help you, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t help others. mental illness is not a one size fits all type of cure, nothing is for that matter. i was having four panic …See More

Allison Sieloff

Honestly that’s not a valid argument at all. Yes, that was 20 years ago, but what does that have anything to do with how people are prescribed medicine now?? The medical field has advanced so much since then. Being gay isn’t a mental illness. But havin…See More

Mechaela Goeda

In April this year I had my first panic attack while I was at varsity. I could not breath or being able to move. The nurses on campus thought i was having a asthma attack, so i was sent to the hospital. At the hospital i got told that i have a virus in…See More

Lola Mhommed

You two seem pretty nice, would you like to join my ‘Anti-bullying Friends’ group? 🙂

Amber Heart

Medications work and sometimes are necessary. Mental health problems are real and people need help, not be tre

Janice Curle

And it’s excellent to be looking. One thing they do and we can’t see it here, is compare the placebo to the highest dose, or the lowest dose, that nobody would normally be on. Who performed better? 20 40 or 60? Like in the some of the Zoloft trials…See More

Da'Monique Djv

Cyndi Veighey, please watch this.

Daija Cover

Mackenzie Sharkey this video made me cry but really helped me.

Ashanti Marié

Robyn Glenn ever wonder how I feel? Well this post much sums us both up when we’re having a bad day

Eddie Edward Pitts

I agree. You don’t need that bullshit. Since I was 13 I was treated for “mental illness” depression, bipolar disorder, dissasoiative identity disorder, anger. The pills I took that I was put on changed me and made me a zombie I felt nothing and I hated it I’d rather be myself and be happy

Niamh Callaghan

Jasmin Browne why do I find this so sad?

Devin Rhea McCray

I really loved that! Thanks Alex Richardson

Satisha King

I got addicted to adivan and it made me suicidal. The irony was I first was given the drug in the hospital after trying to kill myself using drugs.

Samantha Wier

Nick Nolan this is kinda cool, what we were talking about earlier

Janet Starr Murphy

Yes, readers, go to the Lord God for your help. He created you! But He wants a relationship with you, and the Bible is His life line for you now. Go ahead and read it! Reading the Bible is the BEST medicine for your mind, your soul. You tried “man’s” way; why not try the Creator’s way?

Jason Pulver

I understand baby. I love you so much baby!

Maria Ferrara

I suffer from ptsd…had been miss d iagnosed for ocer thiety five years….tried every pych med know to man, but because i didnt have a chemical imbalance none addressed my cobdit

Kayli Holschuh

Brandon The depression part is related to me, I could never explain it to you as well as this does. But now this can tell you what I go through.


And lived happily ever after.

Gracie Opal Harwell

This gets me everytime. Ashley Cruson

Matt Coffman

Cole Herrera this changed my mind a little I think

Danielle Yarrington-Schmitz

It definitely is a life long fight. I love you for saying that 🙂

Brittany Vee

You are right. That’s how people left behind always feel after suicide. And with your husband, it will be the same thing, to do what you can but also know what is beyond your control. (((Hug)))

Aaron Spanski

i’ve had anxiety and depression so much so that it has stopped me from doing the things i want to do with my life at 22 years old, i’m not where i want to be because of it, but do i take 15 prescription medications to fuck up my brain even more? absolutely not, i’ll be okay.

Karen Jarboe Rodenheiser

And this is my life.

Jennifer Valle

Thank you!!! Finally someone who understands that human just need to suck it up bc life happens! It’s all bull!

Janice Curle

Obviously anxiety is real, the pills just don’t – yes you responded to a placebo – you’re more powerful than you think you are – you would have responded exactly the same to an active placebo if the studies are correct

Katy Doench

I don’t see why it matters if you get anything besides pain relief from it, if it was a negative side effect they wouldn’t care, but if it’s a pleasant side effect, OMG you’re addicted!

Jack Morton

Chemical embalances are natural things that happen naturally so deal with them naturally

Rachel Potts

Some people can get therapy and be fine. Some of us need medication. None of us want to have to take this shit but we do it to stay alive. Your comment is not only ignorant, it’s harmful.

Lise-Anne Beyries

All the best in your journey to happiness. Know that with or without diagnosis and medications, we all have really bad days. I feel compassion for you and you inspire me with what you share. There is mental illness in my family. If I can make a suggestion, learn to make music. Whatever type, join a choir, take guitar lessons… Making music is a great help. Good luck.

Malcolm Griffin

Wish more people could see how difficult this is.

Alec Hudler

I bet you look like this all day.

Shayla Vazquez

What a nightmare ?

Sarah Jacobs

Depression and anxiety are not natural. One can feel depressed or anxious but the illnesses are not natural. There is a line drawn when it is know that there is an imbalance in that persons brain. Your opinion is based off things that have proven to be false.

Vanessa Nicole Cantrell

i understand this so much more than i should. bravo, it is not easy putting this out there. but thank you

Tinaa Nguyen

I feel like the problem is that this area still has such a long way to go in terms of research since mental health is still a relatively “new” idea. I don’t think it’s the doctors’ fault. They’re just trying to help but they don’t have as much research…See More

Katy Doench

That really makes me angry that a doctor would say that to you Sarah Bridges, if you came in there with a giant gash in your leg they wouldn’t say “oh you’ve dealt with the pain this long, why bother numbing you while we give you stiches?”

Amy Dunning

This really hit home for me cause everything she said has happened to me. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been going through a really rough patch. I love you ❤️

Jason David Rice

Who prescribes suboxone to get off of a benzo?

Serina Arlene

Sydney, if I walked into any psychiatrists office at any point in the last 13 years and talked them for an hour, they would try to medicate me too. The people I love that put bullets in their heads, WERE on medication. There have been study after stud…See More

Meg Wong

Janice don’t try to give advice. That’s horrible advice.

Whitney McKim-Jones

You will get it figured out and you’re strong for trying to do so!!

Robyn Marie

As someone who is diagnosed SMI and has more then a handful of mental issues its hard for others to understand what we go through.I’ve been medication free for over a year due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. While some days are good I have horrific one…See More

Morgan Danielle

Loren Nason love this video! Thought u may like it!

Tammy Morgan

It’s always been there, just have to remind you once and awhile <3

Jody Craft

Oh God was there took a year to get off all that then one day came home pizza and a bad tattoo becareful fix the fear. I try now to keep busy.

Debbie Ryan

Christianne Elizabeth Zah made me think of you 🙂

Cathy Nguyen

Its terrifying to be hurting from an illness you can’t measure and see 🙁

Delainey Doherty

If they help then they are safe enough for you and me

Anna Dinnocenzo

I’m so sick of Buzz Feed trying to make anything and everything into a little cutesy hipster short film. There is 0 evidence of any sort of science or research in this video. It is utterly too casual if they are trying to spread awareness there are much better ways to go about it than a stop motion video.

Brandilynn Stillwell

This is lovely ?

Jessica Saunders

Thought you might like this Cindy Herold

Shanaiah Payne

Nah. I was in therapy for two years and that didn’t help me as much as medication did.

Elizabeth Ellen

This made me almost cry ?

Erin Kornfeind

Yeah I know, it’s just harder for me and my age.

Jessica Woodward

Amazing. “I can hold myself accountable for the strength of trying.”

Ann Auton

Actually in the US general practitioners can prescribe all types a mental health medications. I’m bipolar and due to cost of psychiatrist, which are considered specialist on my insurance, I couldn’t afford to see my psychiatrist anymore and my MD to ov…See More

Jazz Norledge

I have low serotonin levels. Causes me to be depressed. Sadly can’t really be fixed without medication. :/

Suzi Marsh Meffen

Jexcellent comparison. I also like your bluntness.

Ml Windish

Thanks for sharing Alex! I’m really impressed that she didn’t give up and kept asking and looking for help. Sometimes it takes a while – sometimes a short while and unfortunately also sometimes a long while- to find the right help. But I think it is al…See More

Lisa Mendoza-Herrera

Wow!! Broke my heart, I have been through the same exact Rollercoaster 🙁

Angel Rachelle Visness

What in the FUCK was her doctor thinking prescribing her suboxone for Ativan withdrawals.

Sadie Belle

Jaustina Santos good listen for Psy majors ?

Jennifer Ricaurte

I’ve never watched a more relatable video in my life. Just when I feel like I have down days.. This video has reminded me of how far I’ve come and it’s good. Thank you Buzzfeed.

Ann Auton

You can lump everything you just wrote into one thing; generalized anxiety disorder. It’s what they’re going to write on your paperwork, saves some typing. I didn’t know until I moved and got my big book of mental health records and read that and asked my psychiatrist.

Julie Errico

Don’t judge someone else or their situation unless you have walked in his or her shoes. I have bipolar II and function fairly well due to medication and therapy. But it’s been a long road to get there, and I don’t take it for granted.

Corrina Montalvo

Anthony Schear this is why I’d never go to a doctor for my anxiety …crazyness?

Janice Curle

Oh wow. She’s ill informed. I think the polydrugging is what made her worse. One panic attack on a plane isn’t a mental illness. Three thousand panic attacks isn’t a reason to play psychiatric merry go round with a doctor who doesn’t know anything mor…See More

Taylor Jordan

Lisa Rebecca Smith nothing negative, just an eye opener

Cassy Teneyuque

Zach McLellan you should watch all of this.

Juan Carlos Ochoa-Gonzalez

If I had known what the mental health care system was really like I never would have gotten my hopes up. I may have had my struggles before but at least I had my talents and hope before they put me on their “medication.” Now I’m on the disabled list and everything I do is now seen as a sign of the “illness.” In my situation it’s just another form of discrimination for non-conformists.

Temilola Ojo

Connor Marshall Megan Flynn love this just thought i’d share it w you both

Katrina Falkowski

Watching this makes me want to kill myself more. It never ends.

Charz Villamor

This is why people who doesn’t have mental illness or any illness should be thankful and take good care of themselves, because this is real.

Bridget Kan

not trying to burst your bubble, but no, it’s not normal. it shouldn’t be normal. there’s no one real quick and permanent fix to mental illnesses, yes, but that doesn’t mean that it should be normal. if anything, it should be recognized as abnormal, an…See More