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La Huds

Instead of saying, “Juicing ‘for’ cancer.” I’d rather say, “Juicing ‘against’ cancer.”

Shari Deveney-Viger

Well, some of juiced against cancer and got it anyway. Very disturbing for me to hear that after 25 years of vegetarian, 15 of those high raw, juicing, teaching raw vegan classes and then January 16, 2014 WHAMMO! Although my ND says I am “cured” and …See More

Eric Völkers

Shari you are on the money :0)

Vaughn C. Glapion

I’d say juicing for “total health”; remove all negative vocalizing….

Georgina Rewha

Juicing ‘for life’ 😉

Eddie Grosman

I have been a vegan and mostly raw for since 1978. I believe in holistic healing too. I got cancer in my prostate which showed me that there was a blockage in one of my chakras that needed attention. I have taught raw classes myself but unless I pai…See More

Shari Deveney-Viger

EXACTLY Eddie! I see a vibrational healer and we work on my chakras every couple of weeks. Well, I do work on them every day, but she’s my booster! Thank you for sharing with me. I’ve been feeling rather alone out here in “cancer land when eating h…See More

Peter Little

Stress is THE killer .. it is the trigger for system breakdown. I have been using Ganoderma and find it superb for relaxing the nerves but focus is very clear and attention and retention level;s are elevated. I use the DXN coffee as it has the ganoderm…See More


Jan Lanich

I believe it’s a fine balance between the mind and the spirit and the physical body, but I agree stress is a huge contributor to illness.

Dawn Moore Sawyer

I can say Amen to this, for my husbands brain cancer shrunk from juicing 10, 8 ounce glasses a day. Just 3 to 4 carrots and half a green apple in each one. Cancer free since Nov, 2013. Go God!

Eddie Grosman

I have been connected with Hippocrates Health Institute for 2 decades now. They are a place in West Palm Beach, Florida that has helped people heal themselves from all sorts of physical ailments. I had prostate cancer in 2005 and healed myself in 5 m…See More

Blanca Ndep

Thank you Eddie for your information. I was juicing a lot for my husband before with carrots but i realized that for his type of cancer which is Multiple myeloma, juicing carrots and beets is not a good idea. I like hypocrates here in west palm beach, …See More

Hana Dolgin

Please look into Kangen water, it is the No. 1 Natural Product recommended by the American Anti-Cancer Institute to prevent and treat cancer. Kangen water is alkaline, very antioxidant and super hydrating and detoxifying. It helps to alkalize your body…See More

Using Kangen Water® for Greener Living! :: Miami Beach, Florida •…

Enjoy the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with sustaining a healthy body, a naturally maintained household, and an environmentally responsible way of life.

Hana Dolgin

In the 4th episode of “The Truth About Cancer” series, they talk about the importance of drinking restructured water with a negative electrical charge, and that’s what Kangen water is.

Eric Völkers

Dr. Leonard Coldwell protocol help me on my wife’s cancer.

Frank Catalano

Eddie I have prostate cancer also, but I did have my prostate removed, but then it came back, rising PSA. I checked out Hippocaretes, then it was suggested from a prostate cancer patient that used their protocol to look into Dr Robert Morse from flori…See More

Eddie Grosman

I considered healed because not only my PSA was low but my tumors attached to my prostate are no longer. I chose Hippocrates regimen because it is something I believe in and what has worked for me and many of my clients. If Dr. Morse worked for you, …See More

Vaughn C. Glapion

Eddie if you don’t mind I will send you a friend request so that I can continue learning from you.

Anthony Knox

It was said below – stress is the big one for disease – Stress of the mind , stress of the immune inflams your body, if your cortisal levels are up you need to bring them down. Ginger is very good for that and of course with a good amount of juicing and you must must excersice

Stephen Fry

Briefly: my friend X was ‘near death’ in Aug 2013. She adopted (a) sophisticated 2nd round of chemo from a leading US practitioner; (b) Frei Zago’s ALOE remedy available from Deca USA; and (c) a HIGH quantity of perfectly pure fruit juice from totally …See More

Nomi Shannon

Hi Shari..having known each other for many years all I can say, when someone leads a healthy lifestyle and still becomes ill….it may be that it would have happened sooner, or been much worse. When Dr. Bernard Jensen was diagnosed with cancer later in…See More

Bill Brandli

Whole fruit smoothies would work even better than just juice.

John Parson

The guy that got me started in eating a lot of fruits and vegetables along with juicing cured himself of cancer, He was supposed to only have 1 month to live, now here it’s 30 years past and he is still here. His name is Rev. George Malkmus. He wrote the book “Why Christians get Sick”

Jan Lanich

If cancer thrives on sugar, why are two of the highest sugar containing vegetables recommended for juice?

Karen Brown

love juicing fresh organic veg & fruit

Rick Tomkies

Exactly . You are correct. There’s a lot in correct English grammar.

Judith Dew

Do you know what metabolic type you are? Even the alternative cancer experts don’t seem to know that there is NO one right cancer diet that’s right for everyone. Vegans DO get cancer if their metabolic type doesn’t match the lifestyle. In…See More

Judi Sargeson

Our cells can and do repair and heal themselves if they are given the proper tools with which to do so ….. food sourced vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, enzymes, and especially glyconutrients, etc

Eddie Grosman

I used a tree bark which was a paste that is an ancient American Indian remedy to shrink tumors. It was prescribed by Hippocrates. I am happy to hear that your husband is not using chemo or transplants anymore. That is a wise decision. They do not let the body naturally heal itself which it will do if given the right environment.

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