NOBODY BELIEVES ME……. #truth #cancer #thatshowweroll ❤️

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Michael Richardson

Your “Sun sign” is how other people perceive you. Your “Rising sign” is how you see yourself.

Randy Kikken


Hari Qhuang

(it’s not my fault they walked by during the eclipse, I thought they blocked the sun, honest mistake!)

Valerie S Smith

Hell yes! Im a Cancer too. My problem is that I care for others more than I care for myself.

Shealgh Scanga

Cancer women are the same ?

Billy-Jack Johnston

Killing brain cells maybe

Mert Uçar

Yes … Sounds familiar ?

Randy Kikken

Mert Uçar. Aren’t you a Cancer too? ?

Randy Kikken

This post I tagged you in! Read!

Mert Uçar

Kerel niet meisje

Philicia Alice

Bianca is very “I hate you but I’m still your mother!” 😛

Tim Knott

Cancer kills. I call bullshit Billy-Jack

Lupita Moreno

I need to find me a cancer man~ sincerely virgo

Mert Uçar

Edith ?

Idris Thomas

Cancers are the queens of stink eye ?

Dale James

apparently I’ve only dated the bad type of cancer men lol

Shiro Chan

… With underlying problems they take out on their partners while wearing a perfect smile for friends and family. They’re not as innocent as the post states.

Patricia González

My uncle is a cancer, he says he loves me, well thats what he says when we are alone. HAHAHA JK

Naz Umana

Rob Pezzaniti omgggg you and Bianca Del Rio are both cancers

Rob Pezzaniti

Cause we are amaaazinggg!!!

Maureen Brophy Passaro

My youngest son is a Cancer…this is absolutely him!!❤

Marlow Avery

It’s true. My spouse is a cancer. #Lucky

Danielle Watt

I believe it of you Bianca. I saw how sweet you were to Adore et al in your season despite all the bluster. You are a wonderful, lovely person. ❤️

Vincent A Warnock

Oh and yes I am a cancer born July 18th.

Karla Quinones

Being a Cancerian is Awesome!!!! We love with all our strength, we protect, we are genuine no bullcrap!!! We love to love…

Dario Di Ronco

True! am cancer too! ?

Lauren Wray Hoffmann

And here I was thinking you were about to describe a cancerous man ?

Mark Lieuw

it’s only fitting that my favorite queen is also a Cancer.

Lisi Richard

My husband is a cancer. This is true for me.

Livia Santo

Yeah, but is your ascendant? That’s the real game changer HAHAHAH

Mert Uçar

I am

Lauren Corbett

Idris Thomas we are nice people just unfortunate suffer from resting bitch face give us a chance we are worth it x

Tim Knott

Im a cunterio best sign ever

Artemisa Garibay

Well i just hope i can find a friend Like you someday until now, i don’t have a true friend…

Sarah Griffiths

Adorable ?

Лекс Пеев

Ася Мавродиева (Assia Mavrodieva) see – we’re “the wrong partners”, we’re bad people, I TOLD you!!!

Paul McDonald

Very true. I’m a Cancer too xxx

Vincent A Warnock

I do spoil my boyfriend. He’s my guinea pig when it comes to my baking therefore he blames me for his weight gain. But I say I love you as often as I can to him.

Hans Nijs

And I need a strong Leo! My b-day is 17th of January. Another girl of that date is Michelle Obama, who powers up with Leo Barack.

Clarina Mascarenhas

I need to find a cancer female

Randy Kikken

She’s awake 😉

Michael Richardson

They also have unhealthy relationships with their mothers. Cancers are like eggs, hard on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside.

Pedro Albornoz

Of course you have a heart of gold, baby! Cold, hard and yellow. #loveubaby

Frank Maurer

They’re talking about rectal cancer.

Assia Mavrodieva

Second, da fuq’s that crap?

Randy Kikken

Meisje Mert

Kelly Flakes

Eh. My first husband was a cancer. He was also born at the end of June.

Mert Uçar

What do you mean ?

Randy Kikken

Sounds familiar 🙂

Lauren Corbett

Very true, I’m a cancerian women. But don’t mess with people we love because we can cut a bitch with a look. Cancers are some of the most authentic people of the zodiac and don’t have time for bullshit or drama. Hence why we come across as guarded it’s simply because we don’t get involved. ❤️

Jose Chavez

Cancer here! ??‍♂️

Angelia M Joyner

True for cancer women too!

Billy-Jack Johnston

Man, you people really believe this bullshit?

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