Prayer doesn’t need proof, it needs practice. God is as close as your next breath. He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you. This means that when the dearest on earth have turned their backs on you. God sees. He knows your pain. And He wants to set things straight. #God #Prayer #Practice #Pain

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Walter Arredondo

A lot of people have turned their back on me, even some christian churches, but as pastor hagee says, and not only him, but the word of God says it all. Never will i leave you, never will i forsake you! Praise His name!

Wendy Ainsworth

Thank you so much! God bless you and your family!

Joann Ramos

Iask please for prayer I’m feeling scared I have calcium deposits in my breast I take meds for depression and anxiety I feel alone I have to go back to my rented room even scared to be alone in the bathroom I don’t want to wake up in the morning I want to be with Jesus not to hurt no more please pray for me

Magdalena Coloma

Amen. Prayer is our lifeline to God and I need to practice it until it becomes my lifestyle just as worship Thank you Pastor John Hagee. I, know God is ministering to me every day through you.God bless you always.

Lynn Miller

I went to DR today and got a super good report, And I want to prase God for for that , I have been real sick with My heart and Breathing , And God has really helped me with that , Through alot of prayer ….Thank you God , And please remember me in prayer thank you .

Andy Lim

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.amen amen in Jesus name, yes He will never leave or forsake me, He is in the mist with me. Amen amen

Sarah Brown

In Jesus name Amen. God , thank you that healing is on the way and getting better. Please keep praying for my throats, tonsils, shoulder and my sister health and my mom health. Thank you.

Mercy Njeri

Amen pastor hagee, people may change and turn their back on you but God will be there for you even when u do not deserve his love he’ll be there 4 u sure he will never leave us nor forsake us.God bless u

Richard Kayonde

Have noticed this in life,people get worried of friends or relatives when they turn their back on them.We forget one thing God will never turn his back on us no matter what

Elizabeth Victoria Trader

Amen! I shared months ago that I was believing God for restoration with my four adult children, my son who will be 24 next month has rededicated his life to Jesus now as an adult and several weeks ago he reached out to me via telephone and we have been…See More

Tracy Collins

You hit the nail on the head with this one Lord. My family has completely abandoned me. Thank you a million times over for sending me my wife Emma, and thank you Lord for all your blessings and provisions you have given us.

Martha Ferrell

Thank you LORD for Your many blessings, healings, and miracles everyday in my life. I praise and glorify you, HALLELUJAH! My awesome Lord Jesus is Amazing Grace!!!! Amen,Amen!!!

Khanyisa Blanti

Amen and Amen….this inspiration massage talk to me…as I see black in front snd back…I knw now God knw my pain….as are was on surgery Endometriosis

Mike Roy


Mike Roy


Linda Brandy

Amen Roy

Linda Brandy

You live in Arizona

Janie Gonzales

Amen, Yes asking God to show me how to pray in the spirit!!

Trina Wright

Yess indeed amen

Beland Randall

Amen….. God bless you and your family

Beland Randall

Can we be friends?

Steve Murphy


Linda Brandy

Amen Murphy

Linda Brandy

You live there ,right

Tammy Carpenter

My relationship with my oldest son is so broken right now.. Thanks for the encouraging reminder….

Nancy Buffum

Praying is simple, discerning the answer takes maturity and patience.

Gregory Frissora

Amen,thank you pastor Hagee;to always say the perfect encouragement to Gods children

Sticks Andries SK

Thank You Lord Faithful God For You know Me Better that One of this world who tries to Destroy me I know that God You sees and You know my Long Experience Pain And I know and I believe You Alone You will set Things Straight in the Powerful Mighty Name of My Lord Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Glory Hallelujah Amen Amen and Amen

Mercy Abia

Thank you for your grace to know you are this close to me each day Lord. I am grateful.

Mike Emmanuel

What an amazing grace poured into my life through Christ Jesus. Thank you God the Almighty for given us your only son Jesus Christ.

Grey de Moya

Amén Dios es bueno gracias padre por tu misericordia nuevas son cada mañana

Joseph Anebi

Wow its good to know dat God is dis close “like my breath” amazing.

Bernadette Uveno

Amen and hallelujah! To God be all the glory, because he is indeed a prayer answering God, according to His will…

Christina Yescas

I pray for peace in our family Devil comes to divide us but I got him under my feet peace be still

Jennifer Joan Daniels

Amen, Thank you Lord with you on my side i can do all things Amen

Jonathan Obi

Amen. May God Almighty take me from where I am now to my place of rest in Jesus name. Amen

Yvonne Vazquez

Thank you John Hagee for those words l received those words thank you lord

Moses Wangila

Hallelujah!! Thank you Lord for your healing and miracles everyday in my life.

Beatrice Winfred

AMEN.Only God who can leave us nor forsake.glory to Our God we will trust you for All.

Mechelle Vaughan

Great Word Beloved, Pastor!! 🙂

Don Richie Ikpot

I believe that your Faith to my Faith God has answer my prayers

Elinda Moody

Amen. I really needed this today.

Linda Totall-island

Amen thank you Jesus

Linda Pearson


Akachukwu Emmanual

God I thank You for the blessing of life you have given to me and my family, Lord I pray for your divine open door in Jesus mighty name. Amen

James Chamba

please pastor my wife is in labor pains for two days now and i need prayer support for her.

Hosea Mpofu

I believe prayer will protect me from the vicious attacks

Hosea Mpofu

Pray for my enemies are attacking at work and home distance is no barrier Amen

Winnifred Nthunya

Thankyou for your unconditional love ,Smen

Barbara Lindsey

Amen And Amen

Luzaan Barnard


Peggy Krise

Amen. Thank you Pastor Hagee. Thank You Lord

Beth Hargreaves

Talking with my Beloved FATHER God is such a joy in JESUS’ NAME.

Lisa Apodaca Lang

Amen ?

Eric Blake

Amen!Thank you Pastor Hagee,we love you in Jesus name!

Candice Petrie

Amen continually pray, I pray all the time I talk to God all the time some people think I’m crazy but He’s my friend my comforter my God and my Lord who else would I tell all my fears all my hurts all my failures, who else quiets my tears. God loves me Jesus saved me. AMEN

Irene Coleman

Amen .Thank you Lord 4 all u blessing s & the blessing 2 come & i just sern this & that is u talking 2 me & God letting me know that everything going be allrigjtv.Praise his holy name iluv u & just taking out a little time 2 praise his holy name.Oh Gliry 2 his name.

Sharlene Bronkhorst

Dear Joann I pray for you….Gods Word is not passive… its voice activated and its spiritual warfare…start declaring out loud… His truth…God has not given me a Spirit of fear…there is healing in His wings…Draw your sword….will pray for you

Marie Parker


Wendy Ainsworth

Amen! Thank you, Lord for all your blessings. I was just praying to you about my situation and then saw this. I know that is you talking to me, God and letting me know everything will be alright. I love you!

Rita Woods


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