What do you do when you’re told the anti-#depressant medication #Paxil can cause #breast #cancer? http://bit.ly/1S8u5tv #depression

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Carla Van Herwaarden

I was on and off Paxil for 20 yrs I stopped it while pregnant because they found baby’s where born with holes in their hearts if the mother was on Paxil seems like this is pretty toxic..I’ve been put on another but I try to only use they during times of high stress then go back off

Pamela Schneider

Have you tried 5-HTP?

Melinda Woods

I was on Prozac for a while but I know some that took the Paxil

Brittany Craghead

NEED HELP! I was just prescribed Paxil by my doctor. Wondering if anyone has had positive changes while on it? All my family is telling me not to take it. Just want to hear others opinions who are or have taken it…

Michele Bunting

It sounds like it makes your liver not work as efficiently as it should, and most gain weight with it. So makes sense to me!

Angela Lessing Rossouw

I tried a few types of anti depressants and I developed an uncontrollable appetite….packed on the kgs…….not taking them ever again………

Carol Palmer

Check out The truth about cancer site and on FB,get the truth and spread the word.

Marion Smith

Don’t take drugs unless you have to. They all have side effects.

Jenn Nicholls Asikinack

Don’t take them ever

Louisa Fiske

Very interesting. I was on Paxil and was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28.

Jay Hosking

food additives cause depression — DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG

Jinnika Cee

Damn it everything causes cancer nowdays… Geez!

Jocey Gomez

My mom was on Paxil for as long as i can remember and she was just diagnosed with BC.

Lindsay Kimball

Antidepressants causing an increase in breast cancer…I believe it.

Jay Nee

Ugh!!! As if Paxil didn’t cause enough problems!! & it’s so so difficult to stop it!!

Margaret Wilson

This was the worst medicine I have taken!!

Learnie Omega Lawrence

I am quite sure we can get a remedy for breast cancer from mermaids.

Christine B. Estrada

Wow. I have been on paxil for 18yrs. Now seeing this what do I do.?

Christine B. Estrada

Dennis Brock Thank you.

Lindsay Kimball

Wean, extremely slow! Eat healthy, get excercise, magnesium, lots of water, sunlight, a doctor should help you (if he or she even knows how). Pray all goes well 🙂

Jay Nee

Don’t forget to address breathing! Through yoga or TM!

Gail Dombrowski Blohowiak

Mandy Dombrowski are you out there? Found this interesting!

Brendan Witham

Get me the EFF off paxil and the other harmaceuticals

Donalda McCutcheon

Maybe Truth About Cancer or Mercola have some interesting help for you. My friend got off. She said it was difficult but it is possible.

Brendan Witham

I imagine it will come at some point with Lyme treatment

Donalda McCutcheon

Brendan Witham In North America, male breast reduction is the most commonly performed surgery now so you’re not alone. A young man just won a massive law suit. I’ll try to find the link.

Rachel Pagano Chahir

Never liked that drug!!

Cindy Vien

Good to make others aware of!!

Judith Anne Meeks

Antidepressants are deadly.

Mary Demartini

Wow I was on Paxil for 20 yrs due to anxiety. Freaken lovely!

Cecilia Zapata

Eat healthier and do some yoga !!

Nuray Akar


Carolyn Mills Scaife

Try SAMe supplement for depression

Pam Sinclaire

Stop using this crap.

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What do you do when you’re told the anti-#depressant medication #Paxil

What do you do when you’re told the anti-#depressant medication #Paxil can cause #breast #cancer? http://bit.ly/1S8u5tv #depression