When we say “blood and sweat” goes into making a film we mean it..on my way to 3 knee surgeries while shooting for #pain #comeoutsronger Force 2

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Anindya Narayan Singh

This video of your’s will make many youngsters inspire so that they realize that life is going on. Time never stops for anyone & you’re the one who have to fight with the different circumstances. #you_r_really_passionate_with_your_work_sir. Really shoc…See More

Jashwanth Bobbili

Recently when I met with an accident doctor said there is a trouble in the knee as I had the same blood clot in my knees and belive me the pain is so severe that i cannot feel anything on my leg even though doctor had injected me anaesthesia and it’s been a month still the pain is severe. But how would you managed to feel pain without general anaesthesia.Hatsoff to you Jhon and get well soon.We are the #painlovers?

Archana Singh

Mate you r a great example to so many men who feel knee surgery is the end of hard work. When there’s a will, there’s a way!!!! Hope you feel better soon.

Kaniph Patil

√ ना ही कोई इन्वेस्टमेंट

Niklesh D Chaurasia

“Earn Rs. 15,000 – 50,000 monthly”

ফারহান ওয়াহাব উৎস

Well said bro…

Anindya Narayan Singh

Thanxx brops ! ?

ফারহান ওয়াহাব উৎস

WC bro…

Nahush Mohole

In real lyf he is so Naughty…nd kitba bhi pain ho wo rest na lekar Work pe jate hi hai

Niklesh D Chaurasia

“Earn Rs. 15,000 – 50,000 monthly”

Nasha Kamarudin Syaid

Nothing comes easy in life, all must work hard with smart way to taste the luxury , having lot money is not frame as sucess but people define it that way, hope u get well soon and fit asap ?

Shreyas Upadhyay

I love you John.You are my idol.watching you everyday it gives me strength, going through shoulder pain dont know how to get rid of it and start my workout again. Watching u dealing with ur pain gives me strength that if u can, i can also fight wid it.

Irfan Ullah Mirza


Amit Verma

Kasab atankwadi ko Mumbai police ne pakkda tha ,memory thodi kamjoor hai kya

Amrita Singh

With love

Aditya Thakur

I have been having long days at work for quite sometime. This video of john is truly inspiring and makes me realise “no pain no gain”. Thanks john, I really needed to watch something to inspire at the end of the day. Love and respect for you. Speedy recovery.

Zoon Kurumbang

After having 3 surgeries, u still completed the movie…

Venus Kareer

You are unique , talented and extraordinary person #sir John Abraham # you are one of a kind and I believe you would grow more stronger than ever#Take care#

Vandana Bhatia

John..hats off to u…u have always been a insirations for your fans…dis incident adds on to it further…nothing is easy and smooth in this life..u have to literally sweat n bleed to achieve something… take care…and stay blessed.We love you…

Nitin Patil

You are my ideal and you are my inspiration.. keep motivating me as well as other fans too….All the best for Force 2…may it become more super duper blockbuster movie of this year…

Gaurav Chawla

Really man ur effort could be seen in movies so well u and Akshay both take over the industry in many ways from daily life style to dedication…. Be brave #Hardhero #HandsomeRocky #JohnyCool

Arun Kizhakkekara

I can understand that pain. I had same situation without any pain killer.. But i believe it will make you strong brother.. John Abraham – keep doing National security roles. Tc

Upeksha Meeta

OMG, John….Please look after yourself!!! Can’t believe you in so much of pain and you went back to shoot a movie for our entertainment.

Franz Spilhaus

You were a legend on this show John. Without that shot you came back to do we would not have had the amazing sequence the public will see in the 18th of November. Rooftop chase is gonna rock .

Anish Mathew

No words sir.. how much you are passionate about your role and work.. but u should take care. This would have been dangerous.. We fans don’t want u to be pain.. take care.. God bless..

Pramod Khare

no you only think of yourself

Gaurav Bhatt

Sofit energy ??

Kuldeep Bagriya

Feeling sad when viewing this and hope you have get well now.

Aditya John Fan


Shirish Moreshwar Panwalkar

I will pray to God for your speedy recovery.

Lumi Niculae

Esti minunat John!Sunt fascinanta si tot odata incantata cand vad un film cu tine!Esti demn de admirat!Te ador!Vin-o si in Romania vei avea mare succes iti garantez,ai tot ce iti trebuie si talentul e din plin!

Raghvendra Singh

Salute sir…I can see ur pain …coz my cousin lost his leg above of knee..injury in his leg doctor did not check seriously..hume jabtak pta chla late ho chuka tha..so…cant say about that in words..but he is brave…

Asif Akhtar

that’s why i love u the most…more than any actor in the Bollywood…the last action hero…salute u..god bless u brother

Sankalp R Humne

John Abraham -it wud hav been almost painless if treated with Leeches.. just saying.. U r Truly Inspiring.. Take tare.. Eagerly waiting for Force2..

Fati Guitter

عاجل يا أصدقاء?

Manpreet Singh

Omg john aapko bohut pain hue hoge an god bless you my LOVE my life i really really really really really really really love you muaaaaahhhh ?

Aal Hanj

Well paseeney kay sath khoon be add ho geya ap ki kamaai mein now after success of this movie Jhon you can say ye mere khoon paseenay ki kamaai ha lol just good luck man

Himanshu Bhatia

Your movies are not just entertainment they are really inspiring… Trust me you are a perfect example of hardwork ?

Deep Rooy Barua

Feeling sad john sir u see u like that but seen ur courage it touch my heart and soul. Always I get something to learn from you. U are superb great starp

Nandeshwar Thakur

N guys n gals think becoming an actor or earning a desired body is easy… they have desires but don’t have the discipline to invest that efforts to achieve it….

Nisrine Boughallad

La esperanza de una pronta recuperación . Cuídate mucho en no juega con su que te mejores pronta .

Nihar Gore

Pain is temporary ; pride is forever. These are ur lines…..take care..I will pray 4 u to get recover soon..love u…take care..?

Arun Sundar

Damn…these knee injuries can be pretty bad bro..have injuries myself…but we gotta keep goin no matter what…u r my bro in arms in pain…keep goin?

Sameer A Gohir

And why was internal blood clot found? I take it that you have blood thinning therapy done?

Rjv Rjvrjv

Have had a open wound broken leg so I understand the pain you would have gone through hope you are fine now bro. From John to John

Manish Budana

Iam realy inspired by john .

Luisa Shephard

Oh noooo… I just saw it the day n I was shocking it to see him in hospital I really saw it Raj wen did this happened saw it true ur this video show us …pls be safe urself u had ur wife and kids think about them family jus be safe… Hope you feel better soon n get well soon…everything is be alright… With love much frm mia?

Luisa Shephard

Thank u fr like ?

Farhan Ahmed Sam

did u think i am also look like john abraham

Luisa Shephard

No u r different…

Blesson Joseph Thomas

U looks stunning. #Luisa

Luisa Shephard

Who’s then

Luisa Shephard

Ouchhh …be careful doc. Raj is hurt I mean John Abraham… We meet on frm fb bout 2 or almos 3 months ago n I didn’t know he was from actor in the movie, he the best Star of hero…hope u get well soon,be safe…u r great great movie, kept it up the good work for ur success…with love much frm Lucy ?

Deepak Pundir

did u just said.. u met him 3 mnth ago on fb?

Sandip Patil Borade

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Pramod Prabhakar

Sir one thing I wanna say that please take care of your life. What I mean by that is there is no retake in life. Action is at its place but taking care of your body is much above everything. I do not want you being injured and so must be your family. I am not saying you to stop action but plz make that 100% safe.

Tapraj Joshi

John u r doing for business purpose.. but our real heros…. ?

Tota Ammar

عاجل يا أصدقاء?

Mangal Chandak

We, at United Capital Club (UCC), are looking for individuals who can

Himanshu Kuniyal


Subhojit Ghosh

Respect is an understatement for you sir. You are amazing in your work and you inspire millions with all this. You deserve all the love and luck..May God bless you and may you get showered with more and more love by the audience. Love you sir.

Prashant Pal

u r a my superhero john …love u soooooooooooooo much ….aur body sody pe dhyan rkkha karo…pglu kahi ka

Ajay Bhaskar

Kya bat hai

Ashneel Narayan

Speedy recovery.Well wishes from all your Fans here in Fiji Islands

Harsh Saxena

Best of luck john love you a lot … this is gonna be a big hit …… definately .

Sandy Sand

Aarey par sarhad par jaake Bina goli khaaye yeh aise lagta kaise hain….explain

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